Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Think About...

I was told today (in jest) by another teacher that I took my child away from them. This was of course, because we removed him from public school. His school was a good was and is one of the top performing schools in this region. People move to this area to put their kids in these schools. But I wanted something more and something different. I didn't take my child away from you, I took my child back to be with me. Don't misinterpret this in any way. The teacher from his previous school is a lovely woman and one of the people who worked hardest with us to meet his needs last year. The special education team at his previous school was the . We could not have begged, pleaded, bargained, or prayed for a better resource and speech team. Absolutely awesome.

It amazes me how much he can do when I work with him 1:1. He used to spend all day in school and we did homework for almost 4 hours a night most nights. He spent his entire time working. He did not get to enjoy being a child. There was no time to play. I get the learning disabilities and Aspergers play a huge part of that learning curve, but it is not fair to not allow a child to spend some time to just be a kid. We accomplish more now in a few hours than I could grant him by being the homework nazi mom I was becoming.       
I realize in teaching him now and learning alongside with him, that I would do anything for this child to help him learn and be productive in life.

Our septic tank was finally repaired today. It is much nicer to be able to wash clothes and such again. My next outdoor project now that the chickens have a house and the compost is built is to get a clothesline for outside in the backyard.
My new objective in the next few years is to make us more equipped for off the grid life and living. I know many think I am nuts for this. It is so expensive to get your home established like this. I do not know where such funds would come from. I want a windmill and solar panels...lots of solar panels.

The tomato slips are starting to come along.

Then some of the slips are looking pretty darn pitiful...I am wondering how these will progress through the seasons in the house, until the late spring time to plant them in the yard. I remain hopeful!!  These will be successful! These will be successful! These will be successful!

Okay, maybe not all them will be so successful...but, I am trying!!  :)

The child's turnip growing in a terrarium is coming along. It appears to be making good progress independent of any intervention from me.

The heirloom carrots are beginning to grow. I really want these to turn out well.

These carrots blooming are the following species: Purple Dragon, Atomic Reds, White Satins, Solar Yellows, and Bambinos. They are from India, Iran, Arabia, Greece, Afghanistan, and so forth. Mature, they should look like this  . Pretty, aren't they??

My homeschool buddy in our previous town in FL sent us some yard long green bean seeds. I am going to try and get them in the ground tomorrow evening or Saturday morning at the latest in a good compost bed mix to get them coming long for a late Indian Summer harvest.

We are wrapping up a complete a series of unfinished lessons and activities for homeschooling this wrap-up learning powerpoint presentations from a myriad of subjects. Sometimes our learning activities get sidetracked.  I do not know why this happens.
It tickles me when he is doing the wrap-up presentations from the homeschool lessons. He stated yesterday he had not really learned anything. When we got to discussing it more, he noted he had learned some things. He is still in the mindset that you have to sit in front of someone for over an hour talking about the same thing for it to be learning. I want him to understand that learning can be fun and can happen anywhere. I want him to love to learn and have fun while being instructed. We will get there. 

I went back to work part time today at the neighboring town's high school where I teach learning disabled resource students. A very long day of meetings and meetings and meetings. Next week, I start a few hours at the local homeschool association as a special education consultant. I am most excited about this ministry to help and be a support service for other homeschooling parents with children with special learning needs. How awesome is the Lord to open a ministry spot in my field and place me in it.  An amazing Lord, I serve!! 


  1. OH my goodness am I jealous of your carrots...they are absolutely beautiful!!!

    I also loved the way you started this post with a virtual olive branch to public school teachers...a great way to look at it!

    Thanks for linking up to Tripped Up Thursdays at the Nest - hope you come back!!

  2. Good for you to take him and homeschool him. I'm glad your school was good to your son and took care of his needs but you've decided that homeschooling is best for him. That's fantastic!

    New follower from Lots of Lovin' Blog Hop.

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  4. Thanks Allenaim! I liked viewing your blog. I did appreciate what his special education teachers did for him. Some of the reg ed tchrs were good, too.

    Victoria - Thanks for the comments. He is doing well and I love being a part of it. I will click over and follow you back.

  5. @Mikki - thank you so much! awesomeness. after attempted meteor viewing tonight...i am posting this tomorrow as my first post in the morning. i am impressed. thank you very much!

  6. Your carrots look great! New follower from the weekend hop, have a great rest of your weekend!