Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheesy Cheesy Cheese

Did I mention we made homemade cheese for dinner tonight. I did not tell the child what we were doing...the entire time he watched, he kept saying I had wasted the milk, you cannot reuse cooked milk, why was I wasting all the milk, why was the milk getting lumpy? Then there were the other questions: Are we making sour cream? Are we making cream cheese? Are we making dip? Why is the milk getting lumpy?

10 minutes from milk jug to plate!! We refrigerated the remainder of it for later. I mixed some basil with it and seasoned it with kosher salt and a bit of pepper. Yummy!


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  2. Looks like it would be good on a sandwich...reminds me of feta the way it looks :)

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  3. WOW. This looks so GOOD! I had no idea you could do this! lol.

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  6. Wow - i didn't realize you could make cheese. Just a few questions :-) Do you have to use whole milk? What kind of cheese is it? It looks a little like Feta or Blue Cheese, what would you say it tastes like?

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  7. Ohhhh I've always wanted to make cheese. It makes me nervous though! Its good thing I saw this....what can happen on a rainy day *wink wink*

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  8. Wow - this is cool. May have to try it someday. I'm a new follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop. Have a wonderful evening.


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    @Melanie & Carolyn - Thanks for stopping by and I am following you back both now. I found the info for how to do this on youtube and followed her instructions exactly. It was 2% milk. We usually have skim, so I have not tried it with that yet. We only have done it once so far. I is like a mozzarella in the consistency. I is quite bland, but is tasty with the salt to season. You cook the milk and add a bit of vinegar or lemon when it starts to boil, then you pour off the whey to strain it and squeeze the liquid out.
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