Saturday, December 13, 2014

Making Skillet Apple Pies...

Pie base in the skillet... with butter and brown sugar beneath it...

Apples are diced and spices added to them...I add a small amount of lemon juice...

Apples are placed on bottom pie shell in skillet...

Place second pie shell on top...It is okay if it breaks some...I place some beaten egg and extra spices and brown sugar on top...

Put in oven and bake...then eat!!  Num Num Num!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fenceline repairs.

My younger child tried to be helpful today and wanted to dig out a spot to build a new compost bin. He was holding the shovel and leaning on it. We have had rain recently and the ground is soft. He leaned on the shovel and it went easily into the ground and split the underground dog fence line. Urrrggghhhh! So, here we are around the afternoon hours in drizzling rain and digging up a small space of backyard with garden tools so we do go to deep on each dig to not cut more line to try and find the break. We found it and repairs began and all was good - about 1.5 hours later.

I don't think my child thought I could make sure repairs...  :)  And for once, I was thankful to the years of the past when in my prior marriage I had to learn to be self-sufficient. It turns out that I was thankful yesterday for something that years ago I was very angry for. The pictures get more faded as they go along, because it was at nightfall and by the time we finished, it was dark...

Did I mention I do not like messing with electrical wires in the dark in the rain?

 We set out logs to sit on to dig...

 Uncovering the wire...bit by bit...

 And more digging.

 Finding the break in the line...

 Trying to pull slack in the line to be able to have enough wire to strip for repair...

 Wires stripped and twisted...

 Wrapping with electrical tape so the wires aren't exposed...


 It was dark and hard to recover the dug out trench dirt, so the trench line was recovered as best as possible and then logs were set on top to protect it until daylight.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trunk for a treat....

Tonight I crocheted an elephant for a young lady that I work with...she is due in late October or early November. She is decorating with elephants...

I thought this would be a quick and simple project. It was not...6 hours later, I am finally finished.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Becoming Unplugged...

In less than 13 family will become more unplugged.
I cancelled our satellite subscription. My husband's first response was had I already called the cable company. The answer is, "No!"  And, I am not really sure I am in a hurry to do so.

We will still have the internet obviously, as I work mainly online by teaching courses online and consulting online. television. I am not sure this will bother me so much. My child thinks it will. We will soon see.

I am thinking of game nights with my family again. We have not had one of those in about two years now. I am thinking of family movie nights. I am thinking of not having nonsense noise on in the background nonstop.

I am kind of excited to have no television. Does that sound weird? I am thinking of not watching bad news. I am thinking of not hearing advertisements of junk we do not need. I am thinking of thinking. I am thinking about reading. I am thinking about quiet. And, this makes me excited.

We will see...less than 13 hours and counting...  :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Children on loan...

I have always believed that my children belonged to the Lord and that they were on loan to me from Him. They were lent to me for a time to raise and live in glory and honor of Him.

Much the same are our grandchildren.

They do not belong to us. They belong to the Lord and are loan to our children, as their parents.

I think some people forget this.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blessings within the burdens...

I haven't blogged a lot this summer and a lot has happened. time has been sparse.

My older son got married in May. It was a beautiful ceremony, but I have to admit I could not fully enjoy it, for another individual accusing me or blaming me of something I did not do and had no knowledge of until it was revealed to me. I should be over it, but in some ways I am not, because it hurt me deeply.

My son and daughter in law moved in with us briefly in June and then stayed the remainder of the summer with my parents. My older son's life was threatened in May and it made for a difficult few weeks.

The shower basin in our master bath cracked (massively) in May. This created a major water issue that involved the entire master bath being completely gutted down to the floor joists and wall studs. My entire bedroom flooring had to be pulled up and demolished and a wall in my bedroom was opened due to damage from the bathroom issue. The construction and repair of this consumed the entire summer and was not finished with repair until near the end of August. All summer was spent waiting for contractors and various repair personnel. This equaled no vacations or time away from home.

The boat had issues and was in the shop the entire spring and most of the summer. When we finally did get it back, the boat was stuck in the backyard due to the contractor dumpster blocking it.

A tree fell on the dock and it had to be repaired. It was repaired and then a storm damaged it again. It had to be repaired a second time. Thank God for good neighbors.

A tree fell across the recently repaired chicken fence. It had to be repaired again.

The air conditioner broke. It needed a new motor.

Three of the repairmen who came to the house suffered major vehicle malfunctions en route to repair how bathroom issues. This further delayed the timeline of the bathroom and bedroom repairs this summer.

My younger son was away from home most of the summer. This was helpful in part when my older son, DiL, and grandchild had to move in. He worked as a camp counselor this summer for scouts. This was his first job.

We also finalized the adoption of my younger son with my husband this summer. Now we are a family of the same.

My work hours increased at my part time job, because I got an advanced position of associate dean, which is still part has been an exciting and stressful advancement.

The summer wound up with my older son moving with his family to a neighboring state with a new job. My younger son had his adoption finalized with my husband. My house repairs are complete. I am working an advanced position at the local university part time. My younger son completed his Eagle Scout rank and is receiving his advancement.

We suffered many setbacks as a family this summer and many burdens that affected us financially and emotionally. We prevailed. In the end, we are a family and we have many blessings.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

sands and the tide...

The other day, I finally snuck away to the beach for the was just a few beautiful hours of alone time...
Sometimes, you have to go to check and make sure the water and waves are still there. This is what I miss most about Florida.

The waves reminded me of how God is with our lives...we have issues and problems...
Then, the Lord washes over you. The Holy Spirit surrounds you and your problems are gone...
Your life is smoothed...
Love my Yahweh!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

One Thousand Gifts...part 2

It has been awhile since I have made a post…life has been hectic and much has been occurring lately…it has caused me to reflect often and realize happiness is found most in the simpler things of life.
I am thankful for…
72.  colleagues.
73.  advancement.
74. thunderstorms in the summer.
75. neighbors that are patient.
76. puppies that nuzzle.
77. my students I tutor.
78. my Godchildren.
79. my son’s Godmother.
80. a grandmother, whom I used to not really appreciate, but am learning to accept what and whom she was to move forward and appreciate some good parts about her.
81. reconciling with family members.
82. cleaning.
83. simplifying.
84. being able to breathe.
85. Michele Whitetree!! J
86. the tribe.
87. ancestry.
88. heritage.
89. the future.
90. waking up each morning.
91. sleep.
92. my marriage.
93. fresh chicken eggs.
94. ladybugs.
95. ants.
96. chocolate.
97. sunbeams.
98. cinnamon.
99. turmeric.
100. ginger.
101. vinegar.
102. the presence of the Holy Spirit.
103. the smell of the Holy Spirit.
104. gifts of the Spirit.
105. knowledge.
106. flowers.
107. children who come home.
108. respect.
109. love from years before not returned.
110. unanswered prayers.
111. arguments with the Lord that led me to deeper understanding.
112. arguments with the Lord that lead me to deeper faith.
113. faith of walking on water.
114. faith of moving a mountain.
115. faith in autism.
116. faith in LD.
117. adoption.
118. God placing events in order for my younger child.
119. a husband that loves my children.
120. a husband that wants my children.
121. a husband that is a father to my children.
122. fish!!
123. Love Dove…a gift from my student Grace!
124. a Lord that hides things to protect us.
125. a Lord that shows us truth to teach and lead us.
126. clouds that give you strength.
127. weather that warns you.
128. thunder and lightning.
129. new employment opportunities.
130. old employment.
131. old colleagues who still believe in you.
132. new colleagues who believe in you.
133. publications.
134. presentations.
135. reading.
136. fireworks.
137. our boat.
138. fishing licenses.
139. hunting licenses.
140. voting.
141. children who can choose.
141. the opportunity to fail.
142. the opportunity to mess up.
143. the chance to make things right again.
144. opportunities to apologize.
145. opportunities to forgive.
146. another day.
147. another hour.
148. another minute.
149. another second.
150. Lisa.
151. Liesha.
152. JuJu Bean!!
153. Katie and John.
154. Mandy.
155. MNOs.
156. juice.
157. my grandchild’s giggle.
158. my grandchild’s smile.
159. my grandchild’s feet.
160. door chimes!
161. protection for A when he is in trouble.
162. protection for A’s family when it is needed.
163. praying friends.
164. Seder.
165. Sukkot.
166. HSLDA.
167. LDASC.
168. the board of directors.
169. Chas.
170. camping.
171. snorkeling.
172. Key West.
173. BSA.
174. Learning Ally
175. BookShare
175. BARD
176. Talking Books
177. libraries.
178. church.
179. volunteers.
180. my former students.
181. parents of former students.
182. students to come.
183. homeschool groups.
184. homeschool support.
185. being able to choose my curriculum.
186. being able to work from home.
187. being able to be with my younger child.
188. sleep.
189. rest.
190. herb knowledge.
191. pictures and photographs.
192. my grandchild’s babbles!.
193. that Christ died for me.
194. that He rose for me.
195. that He knew me before I was made.
196. that He calls my name.
197. that the Spirit intercedes for me.
198. that He talks to me.
199. that I am His.
200. blogging.
201. writing.
202. grass between my toes.
203. the smell of rain.
204. clouds that roll in.
205. sand that allows roots to grab and grow.
206. seashells at the beach.
207. baby blankets.
208. phone calls.
209. texts.
210. peaches.
211. picking blueberries.
212. cobblers.
213. crockpots.
214. contractors.
215. pretty new bathrooms – once complete.
216. pretty new bedroom floors – once complete.
217. insurance.
218. news.
219. adoption attorneys.
220. cousins that answer when you call.
221. passwords.
222. email.
223. veggie co-op.
224. friends that come through at the last minute and help.
225. SEEING!!
226. knowing how to differentiate in what I see and what is revealed.
227. birthdays.
228. washing machines.
229. dishwashers.
230. local businesses!!
231. fish in the rain barrel.
232. grapes!.
233. pallets.
234. rainbows after a storm.
235. promises.