Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Today started with me having to finish grading a number of papers that students had submitted on the eve of the course sessions closing for one of the universities I teach for online. Final grades were due today at noon...I spent most of yesterday grading papers that were last minute submissions...about 12 hours total yesterday. I finished grading all papers and submitting grades by 12:10...fortunately for me, the university is on a time schedule 3 hours behind my time. Thus, it was all good.

Then, as we were getting ready to leave to go to the library and to get allergy shots, we found a chicken in one of my raised beds: the bed with most of the veggies in it. I was disgusted. I had already placed chicken plastic caging as a temporary fencing around each bed to keep chicken and neighbor children out...and there was a chicken in the middle of the bed. I guess I should be equally perplexed that they were locked in last night and were roaming around this morning. So, I had to hit the ground running. My younger son went outside to move the chicken from the bed. Most of the buttercrunch and romaine was destroyed. :/

Upon working to re-establish more secure fencing around the perimeter of the bed, I noticed how awful the veggies look. These beds were planted just after spring started. Then an awful chill set in and has not quite let up yet...then it rained buckets for two days straight. Cold air, lots of wind, and lots of rain all at once are not good for newly planted veggies. I hope they will spring back to life as the weather improves or reburst with new growth. I hope. I hope.

The tomatoes look equally pitiful. I did trim them back a bit on the stem shoots that did not look like they would recover.

In one of the beds that had been a makeshift sandbox of sorts for a neighborhood child who randomly wandered into my yard (RIGHT AFTER I had planted some seeds), there are some sprouts. The sad thing about this one bed, is that it is one of the ones prepped for soil and such since about December. I had carefully planted the larger veggies like corn and such to be on the south side and then veggies that could be in partial shade were next and so forth...all the way over to veggie plants that needed to be in full sun for a few hours a day. The neighbor child played in the bed and informed me she had found corn seeds...she has also turned up the bed  several times over and rearranged corn seeds as she continued to search for me...My carefully planned raised bed garden was soon a mixture of soil and seeds with no rhyme or reason to it. I have no idea what is where now or what will grow and what was damaged. But, things are blooming and sprouting...I do not know what it is or what it will grow to become. :/  Might make for some interesting growth patterns. We will see. :)

Since I was already working outside, I continued. I cleaned the nesting boxes and re-pine-chipped them...I weeded the front flower area in front of the porch. I set out the pomegranate and blueberry trees where I wanted them planted. I picked a spot to plant the new concord grape vine and the two raspberry vines. I tried to look for a place to put the trellis for the luffas...but, I had no luck.

Speaking of younger son noticed that one of them has spindled its way through the curtains between yesterday afternoon and this morning. The weather will have to warm soon...because these things needs to get planted...SOON.

I did get the roses planted this morning....4 of them.

I also figured out how to keep the chicks in their bin...I put caging over the top of them...It is held in place by clamps on two sides and the brooding lamp clamp on a third. They got clean water and food and pine shavings. The can create quite a mess in no time flat.

We did manage to get to the library and accomplished one algebra lesson today...Not much academic accomplished, but lots of needed outside stuff accomplished.


I am realizing we are getting our 8th/9th grade year wrapped up somewhat. We have 5 Latin I lessons left. There are about 6 weeks of grammar lessons left and about 2 units in the IEW-B series. I want to say there seems like there are about 30 more Algebra I lessons or so to work through. My son has chosen his last book of the year to read and complete a presentation project about the novel. We finished up Geography a bit ago. In Physical Science, there are about 4.5 lessons left...we are wrapping up and moving along. I have decided we are going to take a true Spring Break next week. Guitar lessons are about the only thing academic that will continue next week.

We started some luffa plants indoors to transplant them when it became Spring. Interestingly enough, it became spring time and the temperatures dropped drastically here. So, now the luffas are growing well and it is freaking cold as all heck outside.  Sheesh.


The lemon and orange trees we have tended since seeds that we sprouted about 2 years ago are doing well. I had no idea these things would take so long to nurture and grow. I wonder if the lemon and orange trees and shrubs in groves take as long. ???  Who knows?!?!?  I guess the grove farmers know. I would not.
  This is the largest lemon tree sapling. When sat on the ground and measured next to me, it comes up to the middle of my thigh. It is pretty tall. The lemon I am referring to is the one on the right with the frog hanging from the side of the pot. There is another lemon directly to the left of it.
  These are a lemon and an orange growing for the last two years. All of the lemons and orange trees are the same age. The lemon is on the right. The orange is on the left.
These two pictures above are of the same orange tree. It has two or three branches that have sprouted off. I am anxious to see how it will continue to grow. :)
And the new chickies have gotten too big for their feathers. They have learned how to hop/flutter/fly out of the rubber bin they are being housed in at the moment. I have placed a rug over them for the moment to keep them contained. They are too little to go outside and it is too cold. They are getting a little too big for the bin...what do you do??
Aren't they just so cute??

Friday, March 22, 2013

things that make me happy!!

   Raised bed #1...contains romaine, buttercrunch, kale, garlic, cucumbers, squash, pimentos, red and yellow bells, cabbage, ornamental peppers, and a few wasted space. my younger son built all the raised beds in the yard...the bed is bigger than it looks...
    tomato bed...has several heirloom varieties of striped and yellow and some regular ole' big juicy varieties  :)
  Cassie helps to keep me company outside while working in the garden and with the plants today
   Please throw my ball!! 
  YaYa was enjoying the sunshine. She does not like to come off the porch if she does not have to do so. She insists she is a house dog, not a yard dog.
  YaYa from the porch again.
   My shiitake log growing its 'shrooms!!  I will have to harvest two of these in the next few days for eating!!  Yummy!
  Another shot of the shiitake log.
   The lavender is tarting to grow and you can smell it as soon as you exit the house on some mornings...Love ths smell.
  This is one of the containers for veggies. These are the leeks. I regrew these from bottoms we used of the vegetable and that would have been discarded for chicken scrap or the compost. We replanted them for more to grow.
More leeks growing from discarded bottoms.
   Cauliflower regrowing from discarded bottom.
   Snow peas...I have to get these near a trellis of some sort soon - they are starting to spindle the vines.
  Herb pot of lemon balm, Thai basil, and parsley. :)
 And someone gave us three new chicks today. They are leghorns. Who can refuse three new chickies!!!???? The child has decided one of these girls will have to be named Foghorn...
 Getting cozy and warm!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

perceptual difficulties...

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
                                                                  -Matthew 7:3 (KJV)
I know we all perceive things differently than others at time. I may have to check the the mirror in a bit for my eye splinters...or my beam...I am not unaware of this.

I won't comment on the whole back story is too long and would need its own blog.

I am bewildered...angry...emotions stir up from inside that I struggle with daily to overcome and move forward away from...Jesus leads my hand to be a better person and to let go and walk away. There are physical reminders everywhere. They taunt me...dangle in front of me...wanting to remind me of what was, of how what was shaped so much of what could have been, daring to try to make me believe it can shape my future as well.

I saw the reminder weeks or months ago. I immediately felt the thought creep forward of how evil the human was. I immediately felt the human had no merit in being honored. I remembered how horrible the human was. I felt the pain the human inflicted. I was back at day 1. It occurs again and again and I have to forgive the human and move forward to the arms of my waiting Father.

Today, another reminder has been placed in my path. I feel the evil of the human that was. I feel the comment form on my tongue, escaping my lips before I can stop it...I know this is not of the Lord. Again, I sit here waiting for His arms to fold around me and lift me from the memory of the evil the human inflicted.

I will give satan no authority in this.

I know the individual who placed the reminder in my path did not realize the action would take such a place in the path, acting as a stumbler. My flesh wants to stomp the stumbler into shreds. My flesh wants to obliterate the stumbler into dust...make it a mere memory...but, yet the human shaped so much. The human helped to develop how I interact, how I focus on others...I have to leave these chapters to the allow Him to be my move in Spirit and not in the flesh.

So, this person placed the reminder, unbeknown to the person, in my path...This person perceives the human to have been a "sweet" human. How can the person not know the evil the human inflicted? How can the person not know the depth of pain the human caused? How can the person think the human was "sweet"?  Is the person confused? Was the person never shone the human's real personality? Why were some never exposed? How can some have been so completely fooled? Why was I left to suffer and have pain inflicted, while others stood by - seemingly perhaps never knowing perhaps what really occurred?

Or, did the person really not know? Did the person really not see? Was the person blind? Did the human only perform acts of evil upon certain select individuals?

Or, is the perception of the person skewed? Was the human so incredibly shrewd to be able to be something different to others to change their perception of the human to make the other people see only what the human wanted others to see? I have always thought of the human as clever, incredibly smart, intelligent, shrewd...deceptive and evil.

I have to leave these chapters to the allow Him to be my move in Spirit and not in the flesh.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the other side of the table (room)

I went to an IEP meeting this week...okay, it was supposed to be an IEP meeting. It was the first one I have went to in a long time that was not for one of my own children or for a child I taught. I remember what it was like to be a parent new to the IEP battles ahead...I remember coming in soft and now being a hard person to deal with - after approximately 13 years of special education battling. The cartoon below makes me remember what it felt like at times to sit on the other side of the table and feel like I had to battle the world and beat down the walls to get my child his all special education mommies - you are not in this alone. :)  The comic is even funnier, since it is the same as my name for the mommy!! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

facebook: 7 days in review

reviewed fb posts for the past week...just when i begin to wonder if God is as present as i need Him to be, i can read back through and know He was there all along.

tried to listen to live nickelback concert with child, as the music is not so bad and child likes this music for guitar practice...alas, the lead singer's language and innuendos are so foul, the channel was changed and viewing will not be allowed in this house. how is it/why is that that some of the most gifted and talented artists waste such talent on foulness of thought, foulness of language, foulness of fleshly pursuits...??

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” (Philippians 4:8)

So very thankful angels and the Spirit do not ever tire in their work, intercession, prayer, and protection of the ones to which they oversee...cause satan has been all up in my junk lately. he must be trying to work himself into a frenzy. No worries. Covered and shielded in the Blood. My Jesus has got this.

i love listening to my child play songs on the brings back so many memories of my childhood...thank you Drew for helping to awaken talents he did not know he possessed!

"Where books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too."
~Heinrich Heine

I do believe a portion of Heaven must truly contain rows upon rows with shelves atop one another higher than one could fathom to view of every book my spirit could conceive to digest.

life with a computer would be so much less complicated if the screens and buttons would work as fast as my thoughts go and the pages would load as quickly as my mind went...

Does anyone have a copy of Pascal's Pensees they would be willing to loan out for a brief reading period?? Puh-puh-puh-please!!

i think i might love the fedex man!

aggravated that i have wasted much of three, going on four, days now on a paycheck someone stole from my mailbox... :/ most all of friday calling around to track that sucker...monday on phone with university about it...tuesday waiting on delivery to sign for it and then again today...ugh! some people have no -----...apparently what some lack is something i cannot identify, because i do not know what that characteristic is, b/c i would never think to steal mail.

Looking back through all status posts. I think I still feel this way today...
Obama said, "...peace is not just freedom from fear, but freedom from want." I would like to correct him- for true freedom & peace has not to do with want for many, but need. True peace is freedom from fear & need. Wants lead to war & strife, needs keep one alive.

so, my question is whether the white house is closed to the public truly due to the sequestration or so he can close himself off and do what he wants to do without public eyes???

do other ppl have routine discussions with their children about time & space folds for discussion of biblical application for then, now, and in the future...and for general mathematical principle? or are we the exception, rather than the norm?

just saw the most gorgeous male pileated woodpecker...rarely see these in the yard...his crest was huge! absolutely beautiful.

Myrtle Manor. Sheesh. It's Honey Boo Boo's entire kinfolk set at Myrtle Beach.

I have considerable disdain for the exorcist commercial. I never get enough time to look away or change the stupid channel.

Made homemade peanut butter cheesecake pie with Sierra and it is almost too sweet to eat.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

growing luffas!!

growing palmetto trees

the seeds were brought back from FL back in October...i had collected them under the tree...they have to be soaked and then pealed back to reveal the seeds seen here...

  the soil is wet/dampened and the baggie sealed. it has to be stored in a warm, dark place for awhile...i placed it under my bed on top of the heat vent around the end of November in 2012...

  this is how the seeds looked in the back in the early part of can see the beginning of some of the roots appearing. 

   more roots in the baggie...

  in late February i planted the seeds that were viable. you can see the sprouts in this pot. this picture was taken in early March...

  more sprouts of palmetto trees from early March

Thursday, March 7, 2013

washing hair with volcanoes!!

funny comment from my younger child tonight as i head to take a shower...i grab a small glass jar of baking soda and the bragg's to take with me to wash my child asked why i was going to be making volcanos in the shower.   :)