Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Puppy Rescue Transport...

This morning:
Today will be our first day venturing out into the world after being out of commission for the past week. We were called yesterday to help with puppy transport from one temporary foster location to the next temporary foster location for a labrador rescue facility located downstate. The child is excited about this. I hope he does not get sick in the car.  :/

Later in the day:
I did not have to worry about the child getting carsick...I got carsick. :(
We picked up the puppy. She was so cute. My youngest held her and petted her all the way to her next stop. We really did not want to turn her over to the next stop...such a sweet, furry, little girl.

I hope this girl is in her new foster bed tonight...warm and not scared.

We are nearing the end of a week of bland dieting due to the virus that swept through the household. Trying to ease our stomachs back into the world of solid foods (as they are still a bit queasy), we are sticking to mostly bland foods and adding a bit of flavor as we go.

Dinner tonight was turkey, broiled potatoes, corn, and skillet pears. I started making homemade potato bread, too...but, it is going to take about two hours to rise and therefore will not be eaten with dinner. :)

Good night, rescue puppy! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

Beauty of the Soul...

I saw this on a relative's facebook wall this morning and it occurred to me that when you view a person like this, you see the true nature of their being. We need to see people for what lies within them, rather than the visual component of the outer parts. This is why it is beautiful when the soul of the person shines through bold and strong...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year in Review...

We have truly been too sick to move much in this household in almost a week. So, about all we can do is sit, sleep, and wait for the virus to pass its way through. The computer is a pass time we have welcomed.

Laying around sick gives you a lot of time to think...too much...I have thought about the names I have been called in the past few months and how people really have no clue about things. I also think about all the good things the Lord has brought into our lives.

2011 - in review:
  • My new names I have been called in recent months - to start this off with a giggle are: Earth Lover, tree-hugger, hibby, environmentalist, and others. I would have never associated those monikers to myself, but, oh well!
  • My youngest child was removed from public school and started being homeschooled. He has finished the 7th grade in less than 6 months.
  • My child's anxiety attacks have lessened.
  • My child's therapy sessions have lessened as his sessions have helped to improve his skills and abilities.
  • We have chickens and fresh eggs.
  • Chickens are not exceptionally the brightest animals, but they are great pets. They are fun to watch and they eat everything.
  • We have a compost. :)
  • We are growing our own vegetables and have joined the vegetable co-op.
  • We make our own butter, mayonnaise, and cheese (cheese, when I have time).
  • I buy almost nothing for this family anymore, unless it can be composted, recycled, reused, or fed to a chicken!
  • Famous words in the house (coming from my mouth): "That's not garbage' that's recyclable!"
  • Sweeping and cleaning and wiping down everything in sight remains a must item for me...all the time.
  • We starting preserving food this year and canning. We have made homemade butters, jellies, preserves, etc.
  • Homeschooling is the best thing I could have ever done for my youngest child and I wish I had known this when my oldest was still here to make the investment of homeschooling with him.
  • My oldest has received a promotion at his job and is now an assistant manager of some sort. (I can never remember the level of assistant he is at now.)
  • The eldest is doing well living as a young, independent adult and has no clue how proud I am of him. Though, he could call or visit much more often!
  • The Lord has revealed more gifts than I knew could be bestowed upon us...and more blessings and more graces.
  • New friends have been made. Old friends have been remembered.
  • The sacrifices made by family members long past have come full circle as the price they paid for my life has been realized. Their memories will be honored in the lives we live.
  • Demons of the past and present have been revealed and cast harm our family no more. Thank you, Lord Jesus!
  • I have realized I have a passion for genealogical studies - of my and my spouse's families and Biblical lines.
  • I have realized just how sensory needing my youngest child actually is. It is amazing how you do not see these things when you are with them less.
  • I love talking with my youngest child. I learn as much with him and from him, as I can teach him. Nothing can compare to homeschooling. I love this.
  • I have realized that for as much as I missed home while I lived in Florida, I miss Florida more. We will be moving back. I do not know when. This is in the Lord's hands and I leave this to Him alone.
  • I have made new intercessor friends this year. What a blessing they are to my life and what a help in the times of warfare need.
  • No matter where I am, I am never alone, for the Lord is always within me and the Spirit walks by my side.
  • We have the best therapy dog ever!
  • The Lord knows what he is doing when He chooses your spouse. :)

Picture Reflections:
My child helped to wrap CHRISTmas presents this year!

These are what we refer to in this house as Aspie-isms. Arrangements the child makes when we do not notice and turn around and there it is.

There are others...too many to show. :)

Yeshua was good to us this year. Blessings and bounties will flow in 2012.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

ethereal beings...and mountain musings....

we almost ran headlong into two elk tonight...

no matter how often i encounter these creatures face to face and up-close, i cannot ever escape from the thought of how majestic they are.

the elk closest to the vehicle ran past to the security of the brush and forest...he looked ethereal to me as he ran by.

finally, in the safety of the warm house, we made our own 'houses'...

good night, mr. elk; travel safely tonight. Jesus watches over you as well.

Monday, December 12, 2011

To slow down and just BE!

Today, I took the child to work with me at the homeschool office for awhile. In between work items, I oversaw the child completing over thirty some odd experiments in probability with dice, coins, and then a bag of M&Ms. He then changed all the ratios to decimals and percentages as well. He had most of the yearly educational assessment conducted this afternoon.

On the way home, we made a short stop the library and went on to his Scout award ceremony. While in the car in transit...we discussed what we needed to finish up academically related this week. We discussed if we were going to read any tonight from the social studies text. He politely told me, "No!" 

I knew he was serious and that was more than fine with me, as it had been a long day anyway, but I proceeded to question his remark anyway. He said he had done enough homeschool work for the day with the added part of the assessments and it was okay, because it would all still be there tomorrow.

I remarked how last year he would beg me to stay up with him sometimes until 1 or even 3 am in the morning while I helped him finish homework. We discussed how he was so afraid of what might happen if he did not finish all of his homework. He reminded me he had to finish so he could play at recess or be allowed to eat lunch.

In fourth grade, he was not allowed to play at recess or had to stay inside and finish classwork. He was not allowed to eat lunch or finish lunch a few times, because he had to work through lunch time. The fear of this stuck with him and thus, played into the mindset of having to get everything finished. I cannot begin to explain the havoc this played on sleep cycles in this house or on our ability to act civil to others or each other at times.

Though he was allowed to eat lunch in 6th grade and go outside with others, we still had many hours of homework each night at times. (The teachers, for the most part, and the administration of the school in his 6th grade year did really try to work to accommodate his needs.) And, now half way through our first homeschooling year and as we are wrapping up his 7th grade year of instruction and getting ready to start 8th grade, he is relaxed enough to relax.

Wow! Wow! Wow! And, thank you, Jesus!  This year, today...I have witnessed: 1) My child is relaxed more and less anxious; 2) My child is more self-confident; 3) My child feels it is okay to slow down some and just BE!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

WW2 Bomber Viewing

The child went flying today for the first time. When we were leaving the airfield, I made a wrong turn and we found an old hangar with a WW2 bomber in it. The fencing was so high, there was no way to make it in to the hangar to look in person, but why not pull over to see what you can?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lessons from my child...

In our homeschooling endeavors this year, I think I perhaps have learned as much from my child as he might have learned from me...

When we were doing PreAlgebra tonight, I was teaching him/reviewing with him how to plot coordinate points. He likened his plotting the coordinate points on the graph to 'walking the line' in life and then going to Heaven or Hell. In other words, one would walk the X-line and then follow the Y line into the positive or negative. I love the way he looks at things.

On another note...I am in appreciation to his resource teacher from last year who taught him something he calls "Dorito Math"...If it helps him do math to call it a Dorito, I am all for it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Visual Latin Giveaway

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Camping in the Bay - Gulf side of FL

Our site view:

Boating in the Bay!

Partial Earth Eclipse:
You can see the moon in the background. North Star to the left of the moon.

FL Christmas Decorating!

Homemade Sterno...

Follow up to the homemade sterno we taught the child to make for use in emergency situations for cooking off the grid...these worked well on the camping trip.

Dinner cooking with homemade sterno:

Breakfast cooking with homemade sterno:

The only issue we will have to learn to fix is the amount of soot it can create on the camp stove.

Tamiami Trail Travels...

Cheeseburgers in Paradise - for Thanksgiving!

One week in paradise...makes you not want to return to reality!
Day 2, after night 1...packing up the tent to head farther South!  I know why birds do this for the winter now!

Thanksgiving Day was spent in Key West! Be-a-u-ti-ful day in the Keys! 

I saw a fish and it was this big!

Crab pots!

Dome Home on the Water = way cool!

Santa Claus in the Keys!

End of Highway 1.

Key West!

And, finally...our cheeseburgers...

These tasted awesome...