Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What did you..with your child today?

Why do most days seem like whirlwinds?

Today, we had to take the child for an MRI of his knee so we will have more information for his surgical consult (2nd one) later this week. I suppose we could have chalked it up to a sick day from schooling, but we seem to school where ever we go anymore. There is so much to learn out there...what did I do before we homeschooled him. I seem to talk to him so much these days, more than I did before. Everything is there in front of us to explore. We take more side roads and more backroads now. We stop to explore more now. So, we schooled on the go today.

More preAlgera integer equations today. We will finish this chapter this week, in only three days...1 chapter in three days...today he was +, -, *, and / integers with parenthetical sets and absolute values mixed in...tomorrow will be more of the same and plugging the variable into the equations as well...

We took him to a museum in town and walked the historical/original buildings and walks of the local university. His mother is always more fascinated by these jaunts than he appears to be.

We started a science experiment this morning of how to shrink an egg. The experiment is on osmosis. I don't think there is anything remotely related to this topic in his science curriculum...at least I do not think there is, although there may be...but, that is the great thing about this...if we see something interesting, it does not have to be in the textbook and we won't get in trouble for learning extra on our own.  So, greatly awesome!

I think the 'historical' walk around the older building on the campus and downtown today will tie in nicely with the next unit in the history text which is about the 13 colonies forming and slave issues of the nation through the Confederate War.

So, I know that today we completed three sections of the arithmetic textbook, started a science experiment, took a short historical walk, visited a museum and saw artifacts from the state and surrounding border areas, and had a major medical visit...and it was perhaps more than he would have gained in a typical school day...

So, what did you teach your child today? What did you do with your child today? What did you learn with your child today?

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  1. Dang girl... you do stay busy. Today I taught me kids: To pick up their shoes... For every pair of shoes I see downstairs, they will rake one bale pine-straw. Sounds simple, but I counted 14 pair out of place! AAhh!