Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blessings within the burdens...

I haven't blogged a lot this summer and a lot has happened. time has been sparse.

My older son got married in May. It was a beautiful ceremony, but I have to admit I could not fully enjoy it, for another individual accusing me or blaming me of something I did not do and had no knowledge of until it was revealed to me. I should be over it, but in some ways I am not, because it hurt me deeply.

My son and daughter in law moved in with us briefly in June and then stayed the remainder of the summer with my parents. My older son's life was threatened in May and it made for a difficult few weeks.

The shower basin in our master bath cracked (massively) in May. This created a major water issue that involved the entire master bath being completely gutted down to the floor joists and wall studs. My entire bedroom flooring had to be pulled up and demolished and a wall in my bedroom was opened due to damage from the bathroom issue. The construction and repair of this consumed the entire summer and was not finished with repair until near the end of August. All summer was spent waiting for contractors and various repair personnel. This equaled no vacations or time away from home.

The boat had issues and was in the shop the entire spring and most of the summer. When we finally did get it back, the boat was stuck in the backyard due to the contractor dumpster blocking it.

A tree fell on the dock and it had to be repaired. It was repaired and then a storm damaged it again. It had to be repaired a second time. Thank God for good neighbors.

A tree fell across the recently repaired chicken fence. It had to be repaired again.

The air conditioner broke. It needed a new motor.

Three of the repairmen who came to the house suffered major vehicle malfunctions en route to repair how bathroom issues. This further delayed the timeline of the bathroom and bedroom repairs this summer.

My younger son was away from home most of the summer. This was helpful in part when my older son, DiL, and grandchild had to move in. He worked as a camp counselor this summer for scouts. This was his first job.

We also finalized the adoption of my younger son with my husband this summer. Now we are a family of the same.

My work hours increased at my part time job, because I got an advanced position of associate dean, which is still part has been an exciting and stressful advancement.

The summer wound up with my older son moving with his family to a neighboring state with a new job. My younger son had his adoption finalized with my husband. My house repairs are complete. I am working an advanced position at the local university part time. My younger son completed his Eagle Scout rank and is receiving his advancement.

We suffered many setbacks as a family this summer and many burdens that affected us financially and emotionally. We prevailed. In the end, we are a family and we have many blessings.