Monday, June 27, 2011

Aspie-isms & Cheeseburgers in Paradise...

okay - so, it is an odd title for the end of a uniquely great Godly day!!  :) 
I like uniquely great Godly days!

last night we ended the family part of the day with a family reading of the first two chapters of Genesis and 5 chapters of Psalms, where the child and I left off at our last reading. i had been listening to a play-along/ something thing from the library that is an audio book of the book of Joshua. i like this new family habit. i <3 this family time. i wish we had done this when my older child still lived here. :/

i could not sleep last night. i had to fix this old raggedy pillow my child sleeps with that was rat-a-tat-tattered beyond pillow recognition. it took pillow form last night finally around 3am(ish). i tried to sleep, but i kept thinking of the Levites placing the ark within the Jordan to stop the waters...makes for interesting night time thoughts. recent genealogy has revealed more than just the native american ancestry. it has revealed Ruth, and Rahab, and Tamar...and reading is not just stories anymore. these are my grandparents now. wow!! finally the hubby got up to got to work at 5:30....alas, no sleep last night...

the child is continuously arranging the canning jars into pyramids. and each pyramid line is of the same type - the bottom row is salsa, the 2nd row is pickles, the third row is jam, and so forth...i rearranged them tonight before we went to get ice cream to see how long it would take the pyramids to reappear. we had been back home for maybe ten minutes when all the jars were reformed into two pyramid arrangements. this time they are separated by types in the lines and the pyramids differ with ones that still need labels and ones that have labels. :)  i love this part of him. a part of me wants to rearrange them to see what will occur next. i wonder about that.

and my jar tongs are apparently great for holding everything else in the house. and for making 'wacka wacka wacka' sounds like a gigantic mouth while the child runs around the house with them! 

our entire day was not amiss though...we accomplished part of the science cell on animals and plants unit today. he played with an interactive site online ( it allows the student to wand the arrow over the cell part and it highlights the part, tells its name and function. we discussed the website. we did 3 lessons in prealgebra. we read two chapters of SFR. we are moving along. tomorrow, we are making a cell out of food pieces.

tonight we went to get ice cream and jimmy buffet was playing in the background...hamburgers in paradise. so, a family decision was made over ice cream. we will be taking a family vacation to eat a cheeseburger in paradise. and along the way, a detour up or down along the path to visit family and friends, to see the puppy store, to go to the boardwalk, to see the dolphin with no tail...wonder if any friends along the path have a room with at least a queen size bed along the way???

and, as i typed this...
the child has broken my aloe plant tonight. he plays with the poor detached aloe limb for endless amounts of time. he tell me it is 'liquidy' and then he tells me it is stringy like snot. he likes to squish it between his fingers and watch it ooze out. my poor aloe plant. i think i will need to move it to another location before i go to bed tonight.

oh, and bambi made another appearance in the backyard tonight. cassie wanted so badly to go out and bark the bambi out of the backyard. did i mention the dog is a bit territorial?  the backyard and the frontyard and all cats, playground equipment, chickies, and kitties in the yard belong to the dog. obviously, bambi is oblivious to this notion as she happily comes forward to look for my tomato plants to eat all my tomatoes off of again. (my tomato plants are on now on the deck.) they look sort of pitiful with almost no leaves and no tomatoes. dang bambi.

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