Saturday, March 31, 2012

Remembering Sleepy Hollow

today we passed by this street and the child remembered reading about sleepy hollow in literature for 7th grade...evidence, to me, from the conversation that followed that homeschooling works for us.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fostering YaYa, Living with YaYa

  Earlier this month, this pretty choc-labby was one of the rescues we transported for Wild Heir Labrador Rescue to Luck Farms. We went back for her last week. She has been with us for almost a week now (I think), as we test her out with her family and other labby girl. She seems to be fitting in with us and I think she may have found her furever home. We are calling her 'YaYa'...a name suggested by the WHLR owner.

Please consider fostering a dog and get your pet spayed or neutered.

see what our chicken pets can do??!!

3 inch egg that was almost two inches wide...our chicken, Flo, laid that large one...


loving homeschool life with my kid...

Jewish World Review June 10, 2002

by Bruce Tinsley

not mine - from

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Horses and Chickens. . .

I am watching Cold Case tonight and it is a tale of a murder/disappearance of a white child who was best friends with a black child. The story unfolds of how it was the friendship of the innocent children that led to the death and/or disappearance of the white child...

A young teen boy in the story tells the two little girls they should not be friends because they cannot play together. The teen uses an analogy of horses and chickens don't play together.

My immediate thought, is that the horses and chickens might not play together...but, everyone lives in the same barnyard and all get along just fine. It just seemed like a good learning point. The world belongs to all of us and we all live in the same yard!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What we would like to be doing....

It is getting warmer lately, which makes me think of taking vacation and taking breaks...or, just maybe doing things we enjoy that do not involve work...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mushroom Update 2

Bigger mushrooms today and some new smaller ones popping in to say, 'Hi!'
This top picture was from this morning.

These are from tonight.
Keep your bad thoughts in your head.

Socialization Meetings

A friend of mine on facebook posted this picture the other day:
It is from a facebook site called Laugh, It's Free.

It reminded me instantly about the comments we still sometimes get about how could possibly never expose our son to any type of socialization activity. When my son started to withdraw from youth group activities at church, I worried instantly about him getting enough exposure to children of his peer range in age. After talking to one his therapists and some friends on an online support group...I realized how he is socialized all week in a multitude of scenarios where he has to interact and be civil to people and each setting has different rules.

So, it occurs to me to follow one typical week for us and think about all of our activities. Mind you these are not necessarily in order, but here goes:
grocery store
Boy Scouts
Music lessons
Art class                                                            
Speech therapy
Occpational therapy
homeschool youth meeting
my office at the nonprofit twice/week
the homeschool conference/convention
pet rescue project
riding bike around houses of neighbors
helping to babysit neighbor's baby
working outside in yard with friends and family to plant vegetables and maintain yard

He does not interact with people of his own age at all of these times. He has to learn to conduct himself in a multitude of settings with people of all ages and to act appropriately in a civil and societal manner. This is more aligned with real life, than public school gave him sitting in the same building for 8 hours per day five days per week. I think he will become socially as adept as he is capable.

Sunday, March 11, 2012 nifty!!

A while back...we saw this grow your own mushrooms from coffee compost was like $14.00, but I thought, 'hey, why not!' 

We set out to growing our own mushrooms. We followed ALL the instructions specifically...We did not want to mess this up. Pictures of the process we had to follow can be seen here.

Needless to say, the first attempt was a total bust. I was disappointed. The child was disappointed. I felt like I had wasted 15 bucks. What a bad chunk of luck!

The directions do say that when you have finished growing the mushrooms on one side of the box to turn the coffee grounds over and to split open the other side and you can grow from it as well. This is supposed to allow you to grow twice as much crop.

As the first side never produced anything....we turned it over and did not follow the instructions explicitly the second time. I just split open the plastic on the front, in a star pattern and sprayed it daily as directed. I did not soak it or all the other stuff...

Last night when we went to bed, we still had a box of yucky coffee ground compost. This morning...we had some mushrooms.

The oyster mushrooms are still babies at  this time. The child was vaguely impressed this morning that they were present.

So, if these keep producing and are worthwhile of taste...we might try this again...
Mushroom Log
I still want to get a shiitake log. :)    This picture is like a log you can buy. This picture came from the Mushroom Lady website.  There are other places you can buy the log kits, but this is an example.

Monday, March 5, 2012

All conversing within a day!

It is amazing how many words and conversations can be fit into the small space of an afternoon.

Tonight in talking with the child....
the conversations followed throughout the evening as numbered - though this was not all of them by any means...

#1 - while watching DOOL - child walks through room and comments on why it always seems everyone is having sex on this show?

#2 - convo 2 with child - our fireplace logs look like a face...

#3 -  convo 3 with child - if you stand in front of the fire too long, your butt gets really warm...

#4 - convo 4 with child - he has 5 drumsticks on his plate - i ask why he has so many - he tells me there were 15 chicken legs - i tell him i had planned to freeze half of it for later - he asks me if i want him to go put 6 of them back - i mention he has only 5, so how could he put 6 back - he looks at the plate and then looks back at me and says he can put one piece back twice. :)

#5 - discussing Chief SOHCAHTOA from math lesson today with husband, child states it would be hard to suck your toe and wants to know why we teach this to high school kids... 

Friday, March 2, 2012

What was learned today...

Sometimes, I think we will not be homeschooling that day, and then when the day is ending, I realize that the entire day was really a homeschool moment unfolding before me...

We started the day taking a walk for about a mile (to try and ease the pain in my back and neck before too much time of the day was underway). The little one and I retrieved three puppies and a mama labby from Wescott Animal Rescue to take them the rest of their way to their new foster home, Luck Farms, for Wild Heir Labrador Rescue.

We got to Luck Farms to get the puppies and bigger labby lady settled in...

While we were there...Charlie worked to earn some service hours for Scouts. (Did I mention he earned his first class rank the other day for Scouts!) He shoveled and scooped! He helped with cedar shavings for the kennels!

I will have to admit, the child does know how to do his share of the work and he does it (most often) with little to no complaint.

After this, we walked the property and took pictures for the Rescue Facility we have been working with, Wild Heir Labrador Rescue. Luck Farms has recently added new concrete slabs for the kennels of these rescues. The kennels are being put up and look great! 

We also got to visit with the puppies and adult rescues we delivered there earlier last month...I am happy to report we did not even recognize the parent doggies....and the puppies are all fat and thriving. Out of the 8 pups, 6 survived. They are fat and snuggly and just downright cute. Denise of Luck Farms has done a great job with them. Millie, the mama dog from the February Rescue, was filling out nicely. I did not recognize her as the sad, sullen, rail thin Mama doggy from a month ago. She has put on some weight. Her tail was waggedy all around and she ran and played and had some gusto. My, what a month of good eating, a warm bed, and some love will do for an animal.

  This was Millie a month ago. See how thin??

This is Millie now...more filled out and running about happily.

Charlie followed Denise out to the horse pastures. He quickly learned to watch where you step and that if you touch an electric fence - it can hurt!  He found a horseshoe laying loose in the field. This discovery prompted him forward to search the fields diligently for about an hour. He fed the horses treats and petted them.

These are rescue horses as well. He was in Heaven for the day...just in case you have not figured this out yet.
While we were there, he also came across a deer skull. He ended up coming home with 4 horseshoes and the skull.

All in all, it was a pretty productive day!