Sunday, August 14, 2011

Braided Bread Casserole

Sunday Recipe How To!!

Peel potatoes from the garden and dice. (Put the peels in a side bowl to feed to the chickens!!)

Scrape and trim carrots from the garden and dice to bite size. (Put the trimmings in a side bowl to feed to the chickens!!)

Peel and cut up onions. These were from a friend's house. (Put the peels in a side bowl to feed to the chickens!!)

Peel and mince garlic. This is also from a friend's personal collection. (Put the peels in a side bowl to feed to the chickens!!)
Cut up the red cabbage...compliments of Publix. (Put the discarded pieces in a side bowl to feed to the chickens!!)

Cut up tomatoes from the garden. We cut the parts of the skins off thick to set aside to make sun-dried tomatoes later. The parts for the casserole is the tomato insides. Thus, the chickens get none of the tomatoes.

Shred some cheese.

Peel and grind/shred a bit of fresh ginger root.

Add leftover cheese made the other afternoon.

Wash and cut up the cowpeas from the garden. Washing is important!!  Chickens will get the stems and any part of the leaf cut away. These leaves have a spinach consistency to them once cooked or stir fried. But they can be eaten raw as well.

Leave all the veggies together in a pot to boil while you go do other feed the chickens!! :)  Later, drain the water off the vegetables and transfer them to mixing bowl. Refill the same pot with water and bowl some noodles with a bit of EVOO. These can be cooking on the stove while you mix the veggies and homemade sauce mixture.

Crack one egg (compliments of heirloom chickens from friend/relative, until mine decide to lay some eggs of their own...). Separate the yolk from the egg white and set the white side. You will use this later.

Add some meat. I added turkey I had preserved and frozen earlier. I set aside family size portions. This is already cooked, so it is just a matter of thawing and cutting into bite size pieces to mix in the casserole.
Mix sour cream, mayo, spicy brown mustard, salt, pepper, basil, EVOO. I would tell you how much to place in the mixture, but I cannot. I use the dump and look method to cook. If it looks like the right amount, then that is how much it gets. If it looks like it needs more, I add more. If it is something my family likes the flavor of, I add more.

I did add a splash of wine made by my cousin about a year ago...Makes for great flavoring in about anything you can cook up!

Mix all ingredients well. Stretch out pizza crust on flat pan. Add mixture to middle of dough in a row. I cut the sides of the dough into strips. Turn the edges on the ends up and over. There will be some extra dough on the corners. I cut this off and set it aside in a pile to use in a few minutes to place over the holes the strips don't cover when you 'braid' them together.

Braid the ends over...really just folding them over into place. Use the extra pieces of corner dough to cut into strips and stetch to cover gaps. Use the egg white to brush over the braided loaf. This egg white acts as a glue to hold it together while baking.
Sprinkle some EVOO on top for flavoring. Add some basil.
Bake at 375 for like 30 minutes or until golden brown on top.

 Slice and serve!!

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