Friday, May 31, 2013

Pulling Pins

My son broke his wrist/arm playing rugby with some other kids on our last instructional day at the resource center this year.
It was a yucky break, making it not possible to routinely set and crushing bone at one spot completely. He had surgery to set a pin.
 This is a picture of my son's hand. It shows how swollen he had become in just a matter of hours. Although, that was not why I took this picture. I took it because the surgeon wrote yes on his hand to note which side to operate on...Remember, my son is dyslexic and this was being read by him upside down on his hand. It was funny, because my son had thought the surgeon had wrote the word SEX on his hand and did not read it as yes.
 Awaiting surgery...
 Post-op x-ray.
A week later, we went back to the surgeon to have the temporary cast removed and have a permanent harder cast applied. Then pin was checked and a new x-ray was taken. His wrist, arm, and hand are still very swollen at the taking of this picture.
He wore this cast for about two weeks and then we returned to the surgeon again for another check-up. They cut off the cast and cleaned the wound. The pin was pulled...apparently, that hurts tremendously. He was given a new cast, which is much less cumbersome. It reaches below the elbow and is not as far up on the knuckles.


And then the pin was pulled was apparently stuck and the tech had to pull twice and brace against my son...I have never seen my child turn so many different shades of colors.
  He gets to keep the pin as a souvenir.
So, now he is in a new cast and we return to the surgeon again in two more weeks.

Curricula Completions for 2012-2013

We have finished the academic year for this year. Charles completed 4.5 Carnegie units and the remainder of his courses were 8th grade. He still used accommodations throughout. I have been asked via email about his books and what we used this year, so I thought about this post.

8th grade classes:
ELA - Latin Road to Grammar
          Progeny Press Literature guides

9th grade classes:
Latin I - Visual Latin
Algebra I - Saxon Algebra I
Physical Science Honors - Exploration Education Physical Science Advanced
Geography - Around the World in 180 Days
Introduction to Engineering - teacher created course

To help with learning, all books are still through Learning Ally to accommodate the learning disability and a laptop was purchased through a grant by the Homeschool Fund.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

killing a cucumber...

I had a nice cucumber plant growing...
but it had sores on the bases of the stems...
i sought advice on what it might be...the prevailing thought was that it might have vine borers within the stem...the issue with this, is that typically to have something like borers, the leaves typically are dieing and yellowing on the ends...but, this cuke was pretty and starting to bud.
i decided to cut off the stem with the least amount of blooms and dissect it.
i sliced up the stem at the bad spot...i was really ready for the borer...nothing was in the stem...
 it was just a sore spot on the stem. this is good, because this means the remainder of the plant and soil did not have to be removed and lost. this is bad, because i sacrificed half of a perfectly good cucmber plant...
ugh! :/

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brown Baby Surgery

We have this draft stopper left over from CHRISTmas that we use. It is called Brown Baby, because the child we keep from next door named it Bown Baby!

Tonight, as we were gone from the house for approximately 2 hours, one of my labs tried to disassemble Brown Baby.
When I got home, Brown Baby's innards were outards on the floor. YaYa had disassembled Brown Baby completely.
I had to do Brown Baby surgery tonight after dinner. My younger son helped to stuff Brown Baby back together - outards to innards and then the stitching began...three stitch-ups altogether. YaYa was busy while we were gone.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Salt and Light

salt only loses its saltiness when diluted or mixed with things it was not intended to mix with.

light only becomes dark when placed into the vacuum.

are you Salt and Light?
or, do you allow yourself to mix with what you are not supposed to mix with?

are you Salt and Light?
or, do you allow yourself to walk in darkness,
letting the vacuum envelope you?

time to choose.
make a choice.
make a stand.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the way not to spend the last day of school...

  child broke wrist in area that could not be set.

 a picture of the way the wrist/arm was NOT made to bend.

 after surgery...much straighter now...
God was good (all the time)! Surgery was swift and less evasive than originally anticipated.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pods, Sprouts, Fruits, Chicks, and Fencing

     The chickens have repeatedly been escaping from the chicken yard...only two of them continue to escape. Gray and Golden are good at getting out. They never roam far and stay right by the fencing, just on the outside. It is funny to watch them when we discover one has gotten out, because once out, the chicken escapee continuously tries to get back in the chicken yard. The yard needed reinforcement. There were lots of brambles all around and behind the yard, so we cleaned it all out and extended the yard some.

 This is where we extended the new yard to...this goes all the way behind the chicken coop and out about 5 or 6 feet or so...

  Here you can see the other corner of the back of the coop in the right side of the picture. The chicken yard used to end or start here and go to the tree on the left then, go to the tree in the upper portion of the picture. It has been enlarged to what I thought was originally about 1/3 the size of the original chicken yard. But, now looking at it, I think we may have actually doubled the size.
I know that people may think this is odd. When I built the original chicken yard/run two years ago, I used metal fencing twists to secure the chicken wire to the fence stakes. They rust easily and can break off. We had tons of zip ties. I used these on the second fencing, the ones the two girls keep escaping from...The zip ties worked quite well. We used them again this time. It may look rednecky, but it works very well. Kind of like duct ties should be in every car and household.
  These are the baby chicks, except they are not babies anymore. These are the leghorns that were given to us by a friend/relative. I had three, but the dog captured, now we have two. They are growing quickly. They differ much in temperament from the tetra tints. I do not think they know they are pets...I must convey this to them. :)

  It is hard to see these perhaps. These are some small elephant ears my neighbor gave to me. She had a large amount of them...I have some of a differing variety, that are much larger and green. These were planted/transplanted today.
    The younger child and I made a bean teepee a few weeks ago. I planted beans around each pole. They sprouted. My husband weedeated them....So, I planted some more...Thursday, a friend gave me about 5 or 6 bean sprouts to transplant. And today when I went to transplant them, there were some new bean sprouts...So, I planted/transplanted the new sprouts...Hopefully, these will be growing soon to trellis up the teepee.

  These are some other pea sprouts that needed to be placed where they could trellis. So they got transplanted, moved to a new location, and got a trellis.
 I have blueberries growing on one of the blueberry trees planted last year. I like this. Aren't they pretty???
 My husband and one of my children bought me a banana tree today for Mother's Day. I do not know the variety. They did not ask or find out. I will have to go by the nursery this week to find out what type it is. My husband said the nursery owner told him it should fruit in about a month or two. :)
 The only downside to today was finding some spots on my squash leaves. :(