Monday, October 31, 2011

where are and how far we have come...

I often sit back at the end of any day and think I have not accomplished much that day.

Today was a homeschooling and work combo day...meaning my homeschool child went to work with me and we did both!!

Both before work and after this morning, we went to urgent care about my foot/ankle which has been determined to be sprained, but not in such a manner as to need, I get to walk in pain! 

We went over some of the homeschool assignments and off to work we went. I felt we had not accomplished much in the development of homeschooling today...but when I write it down, I often find it was quite much more than I was aware...  So, here is our day:
5 units of science completed, with activities and assessments and fun sheets.
6 pages of Anne Frank read and discussed.

It does not seem like much in writing to me, either. Albeit, the science text and all activities for the year are now complete. This left me churning in my mind whether to go ahead and order the Physical Science text we will start next or just finishing out our other subjects first and focusing upon these. I have decided this is best.

He is getting ahead of me in Latin again. I cannot print the worksheets as fast as he is watching the videos and practicing the lessons. We received Visual Latin to review for this blog. I have not done so yet, because I honestly wanted to work through enough of the lessons with him to be able to give an honest review. I must post this review this week, as he has now completed 5 lessons and I feel I can give an accurate overview and honest review of what I have observed and noted instructionally from this curriculum. So, that will be forthcoming.

I have decided on observation tonight that we are a technology based family. As I write this blog post, and grade papers for one of the online classes I teach, the child sits next to me toggled to my laptop with his iPod Touch downloading audiobooks and looking for additional omd files. We are linked together by wires on the couch!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birdhouse Building

The child built a birdhouse the other day.  He did this while I was on a conference call and when I came to life from the phone, I found he had completed the entire project. I was quite proud of him for this. He did a great job!

Triple Yolker...

Today one of the girls laid what we are sure is a triple yolker...we are used to double yolk eggs by now, as one of the girls seems to do this routinely. Looking at this egg, I am glad the Lord did not design women to lay eggs!! 

 These are today's eggs. The brown egg layer is typical size for her. The two creamy colored egg layers are smaller egg sizes.
 This is the stash from the refrigerator. The far left egg is a double yolker. There are three double yolkers in the back row on the right.
 Just for purposes of contrasting the egg sizes...the first is a double yolker. The second egg is from today.  The other three on the left are regular size eggs for our chickies!!  The one from today is a ginormous egg.
This is today's egg first - a triple, then a double, then a single.  See how Huge??

Sunday, October 23, 2011

family dynamic - forever changed...

In March of last school year, we made the decision to homeschool the youngest child this year. I heard tales from others of how this would affect every dynamic of your life and forever change you, but I never knew what far reaching impact it would have. Everything is for the better, even on days when it seems for naught.

It has been a whirlwind of two days for us. Yesterday began with a trip to a fellow homeschooler's home, where the children went on a desperate hunt for a missing bantam chicken, Peck!!   I do not think it was found before we left the home. The child and I had to make a spiritual journey to return things that belonged elsewhere to where they belonged...cleansing is good for the soul.

We went to visit several sights. We tried to call my grandmother. We returned an unneeded item. We went to the library. We went to get medicine at the pharmacy. We went to the grocery store and completed the shopping for the week for $68. Yeah!  We went to an artisan market and got many craft ideas!  We went to the local AC Moore. We went and got chicken feed from Tractor Supply.

A side note about Tractor Supply...they have safes in the building for sale. My son has managed to figure out the combination of each safe through listening to lock tumbling and much patience why we are there at varying times. He remembers the fall of the tumbler from previous times and continues to work the lock when we return...yesterday, he opened and relocked and reopened 4 safes. The husband used to refer to this child as the 'code cracker' he can figure out passcodes for the computer or keypad by remember the series of keyboard tap sounds or beeps from the lit buttons on the alarm keypad, etc. I am not sure how such a talent will be put to good humanitarian use when he becomes an adult??? Anyone have an answer for such?

Last night I had a conference call for the nonprofit. It was short call last night...which was nice. The conference call today lasted approximately from 1000-1600. It was longer, but the company was enjoyable. Thus, it did not seem so bad or dreadful!  I think all will be settled on Monday and perhaps it will be the last conference call for several days or such! 

Tonight in Anne Frank world, we read of the celebration of Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights. We also read about St. Nicholas Day. I reminded him of our friends Eva and Lea, from Romania, who had explained to him and his brother about St. Nicholas Day in the past a few years back. Eva once brought him and Andrew some candy for St. Nicholas Day. He immediately raised concern about the people who celebrate SND and asked if they had to not wear shoes all day? The following question was about if they can take the small trinkets out of the shoes before they have to wear them again. When the reply was in the positive that the items are removed, he proceeds to discuss how if one were to not clean out the shoe and the trinket or candy were gum, the person would have his or her sock foot stuck to the inside of the shoe. Oh my!  The child makes my insides rattle with laughter!   :)

He has also discovered since yesterday afternoon that my epipen practice injector makes what he terms to be great 'rocker launcher.' Thus, he has been rocket launching all throughout the house. It is difficult to read with a child when he is rocket launching!! 

We read a brief excerpt tonight from the Talmud for the explanation of the Festival of Lights. Reading from the Talmud becomes difficult when you suddenly discover you cannot find your copy of the book when it is needed. It seems to have evaporated from physical sight, which is of skeptical concern for me at present. The evening reading selection for the family brought on a discussion of Advent candles we use. I do not remember the child asking as many questions last year. Perhaps he did!  I do know that we have many more discussions now.

    A following conversation of brief was the Sukkot Festival I attended last weekend with my neighbor. We discussed the month of Tishri, as we are currently in at present. 

More questions occur now. We have more time together reading nightly as a family. It is a comforting sight to note the only pile on the tables as I scan the room is Bibles upon each one. We are not Bible poor in this household. It makes me feel sorrowful for those with no Bible to read. At present, 3 are on the coffee table, 1 on the end table, 2 on the TV shelf, 1 in the study, 1 on the dining room table, and 2 Gideons on the nook table. This is what I know from a brief scan. We are Biblically blessed ! :)

In light of our new family motto...proclaimed a few days ago: 'We are a day early and a dollar ahead!'...I have been told to modify this proclamation to the following: 'We are a year early and a million dollars ahead!'  So, here it is...spoke loudly over us and now in writing as well, and the prayer of such shared by two (2 or more gathered in agreement!!) others beyond myself: 'We are a year early and a million dollars ahead!'

In the world of Latin, the child has started to translate brief writings and is using simple sentences interchangeably with his use of English now. I honestly do not think he is aware of the times he makes it interchangeable. As he is more knowledgeable now than I am of his growing vocabulary, there are times I am no longer cognizant of what he is stating when he does so, and just have to nod. This reminds much of the days when he was a toddler and I could perceive his wording.

A SCAIHS colleague replied the other day that she was certain that whatever brain damage he suffered due to the thimerosal as a toddler had been Godly healed. I accept this spoken over him and decree it as accurate. He was and is healed daily.

On a parting note, the child has taken an interest in painting over the last few days and is working on a painting of a yellow lab sleeping curled up on a blanket. Cassie is his muse. I was thankful he had this project to focus upon today during the length of the conference call. The painting is actually quite good. Of course, my opinion is in no way biased.

He also build a birdhouse today, along with feeding the chickens and composting while I was on the phone. I wish he would take an interest in going to dig up those sweet potatoes in the bed out back!

Finally, the hubby and discussed tonight how prayers continue for the eldest child. I do not mention him as much as the younger in the posts, as he lives independently as an adult now. Although, he is still much a child in my eyes and mind. Prayers for his continued safety and happiness in employment remain ever present. I was going to call him tonight once we returned home from errands, but it was getting late, thus I will call him tomorrow. I wished he lived in closer proximity. He is forever close in my heart.

Prayers for her, the one I do not know yet, continue. Lord, you know her name, so we call upon you for her protection, guidance for her path, sanctity for her soul, and so forth. Actually, this prayer should be for both of these women, as you develop them for their place. Selah, my heart!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

an AF and HS update...

We are continuing to read along in . Connections made between literacy and the world for the child include noting AF would be the same age as his great grandmother, which tends to place a bit of reality on the reading/listening to the diary. He has connected that our ancestral studies of the family reveal there is some strong Jewish and Hebrew lineage, which affects him in the thought that this could of been people he knew or might have been inadvertently related to, albeit distantly. We have discussed how the laws were stupidly wide-sweeping to the extent that even people of suspected Jewish descent were often sent to concentration camps as well. The threat was real.

We discussed pogroms the other night. Tonight our discussions were on the topics of the meaning of the words: scullery, florin, lumbago; the Zionist Movement, the Dutch Underground Resistance Movement, and some other Dutch words we had to decipher in the read aloud. I have to remind him that I was in 4th grade when I read this book the first time, and it is like reading it anew for me almost again.

I think the thought of it being a strictly girl book might be changing a bit in the last two days. He laughs   at the comedy of AF's writing about the moodiness of the other Annex members. He makes faces that express sadness at the writing of their plights. He is constantly amused at the name of 'Miep', the family friend that helps the Franks throughout the hiding process.

I am still adamant that I want him to just enjoy this book and learn through the art of listening and discussion. I love just reading to him for awhile each evening. I had forgotten how much I missed doing this with the children when they were smaller. I want him to do some sort of learning activity with the novel as well though, other than a test. I have discovered the following website: In this site there is a virtual 3D model of the house which you can venture through...opening doors and seeing the hidden home as they used it with furniture and such. It has audiofeed that runs when you enter each room giving explanation of the rooms' individual uses and how they were structured overall.

We (hubby and I) discussed tonight about the idea of the child building a model of the secret annex from scrap wood we have and using doll house furniture to build his perception of the layout, using virtual models and the book's description of the rooms. I liked this idea and when I proposed it to the hubs, he is happy to do anything that involves powertools. I think this might allow the child to see the closeness and tightness of the quarters and get a sense of the urgency behind why they had to hide.

I am also noticing how the hubby will come out from wherever he happens to be in the house when we are reading together and quietly listens on the couch. This is interesting to me as it seems this novel might be becoming a come together time unlike ones we have experienced in the past. I turn off the television and make sure there are no distractions when we read at night. The dog provides enough distraction and the child finds everything imaginable to deter his attention to task, without extra stimuli being offered up to him on an imaginary platter. What annoys me is the hubby will turn on the television muted to just 'look at the radar while you read' or to 'look at the programing guide'....of course, what does the child do when this happens...he looks at the radar or guide...hello? 

Tonight, the hubs did not do this...instead, he waited until after we finished reading to ask for the remote. Progress has been made. :) 

Another thought I had, in addition to the 3D model for him to build is to make a memory book, like an event book of things from the life of AF or news a scrapbooking idea...of things he finds interesting from WWII. I think we might make a 'field trip' to see his great grandmother and let her tell him what life was like then, what they thought about, their fears, and such..perhaps show him some pictures. AF was only a month younger than my grandmother. It almost seems unreal. I hope he will learn from the actions of others and the mistakes they made to see how sometimes history does not need to be replicated. Hopefully the learning experience he will take away from this novel, other than appreciation for a beautiful life that had so much promise taken too soon, is “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

getting caught up and backing up to refresh...

I have been behind on grading or posting grades to a spreadsheet. I am not sure where the organized person I typically am disappeared to in this homeschooling mommy. I have graded his assignments, but have not posted them or cataloged them. So tonight, as I come to realize we are nearing the end of our first semester...decided to get caught up.

Tonight, he officially has spreadsheets for all subject areas for both first and second quarter. I did manage to set up the third quarter spreadsheet for one subject, but no others. All grades are entered for the first semester. Assignments are logged waiting for grades for the few assignments left to complete.

As I am completing this, the child realizes how far along we have progressed already and wants to know the accuracy of such a count. I report to him with the completion of 4 more preAlgebra sections and half of the latest Social Studies unit...his semester is complete. He looked amazed and reported about how the public school here locally is just wrapping up 1st quarter soon. He also reported how is seems like it takes much less time to do the few hours we apply on a regular basis as opposed to all the time spent in regular school hours. We discussed down time and socialization time and class changes and lunch and recess and such from a typical school setting.

His curriculum is completely picked out for next year. All of it is secured already, with the exception of the Physical Science kit and curriculum. We will purchase this in March at the homeschool conference. He has picked out most of everything we will use next year.

Progress is being made in the Anne Frank novel. Her family has just entered the secret annex in our reading. He wants to see a Rin Tin Tin movie to see what she discussed in the text. He laughed at some of the reading passages tonight. He makes comments about how she has some problems like kids his page now. He is able to draw some parallels between her being his age, despite the fact she is a dreaded girl.

We discussed 'pogroms' yesterday. He does not like this concept. I tend to agree. I understand when he comments he does not understand the lack of humanity people sometimes display. He was saddened the children had to leave behind their pets. We discussed how it would be sad to leave the animals, but what must at times be sacrificed to live. I think I would have grave difficulty as well leaving our dog, more than anything else. She is like my child! He sees the sadness in the novel. He sees the humanness of the people that are the characters of this tale. I am moved by the discussions we have had in the last three days.

Now that his items are caught up, my sleep needs to get caught up. I seem to have a sore throat tonight and the headache that developed yesterday has yet to go away. Mom needs to back up some to get refreshed or get caught up on some much needed rest. I am tired and achy and do not feel well. This too shall pass, as the Lord has plans for us to learn and prsoper tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homeschool Mommy Ramblings...

We are starting to read The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank. 

Mind you this is not the book of choice of my young is a
book I chose for him. We started this year with 12 books on a
list I made for him. These were books which I knew as a teacher to be classics, books my husband or I read as children that we know to be part of life skills or classics, books that come and go on the banned list for whatever stupid reason of the day.

The goal was to read 8 out of the 12 books minimally, but to aim for all of them. The homeschool association told me we might be biting off a bit much for our first year homeschooling. I figure we only have so many years to cram all these lovely gems of literature into his schooling and we need to get in gear. Thus far we have completed 4 of the books on the of the books was two short stories rolled into one book/literature study. So technically, we are on target to be half-way through the list of books, if we want to have minimal achievement. For those who know me well...minimal achievement is never the target...In this house, in my world, I am an optimist...all or nothing. My plan is to read all 12 books this year!

Along with each of these novels, he has had vocabulary studies, papers to write, some research projects, movies to accompany them after the readings. We have done parallel studies and contrast studies. He has completed powerpoints on these books and book reports. He has taken tests on chapters and the entire novels. 

In general, he helped to make the list of some books he wanted, some I wanted, and some that are grade level appropriate. He also has some books on the list that as a seventh grader, he should have read in regular school years before now...but that did not happen...Anne Frank was a book I wanted...Yes, it is one of my childhood favorites. I also think contains many life lessons he needs to be exposed to.

He only sees it currently as a girl book. Thus, I have decided to not test and do all sort of projects with him on this book. We are reading it together, bit by bit, nightly after dinner. Only a bit at a time, but we read it together on the couch in quiet, after our family Bible reading time. I figure this way, we can discuss it as we go along. I want him to enjoy the beauty of the book as it is written by this young girl in this tumultuous time of life, for her personally and for the world at war. I hope that without the pressure of tests and papers, he will enjoy this piece of literature simply for the beauty of the written piece.

But, my question do you get a boy to be interested in the diary of a thirteen year old girl?  Any thoughts?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Why we homeschool...

Since I have encountered many things about this decision this seemed like a great thing to blog about...
Christ centered:
1. God entrusted me to care for this child and guide his growth...I am therefore entrusted as well to educate and develop his mind.
2.  I want my child away from secular-minded education as much as possible.
  • My family did not evolve from primates. I was formed by my Lord from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life of the Spirit into my lungs by the Lord.
  • My world did not spring forth magically by a huge explosion. My world and universe were carefully planned and created by a loving Father in 6 days and on the seventh day He rested.
  • I know from whence I came. I know where my soul and spirit shall go when I depart. Any thoughts or educational theory that departs from the teaching is not to be imparted any longer upon my child.
3.  Education should enhance the Word, not detract from it.

Less Anxiety and worry:
1. No meds for my child in almost 6 months, which in itself speaks volumes to me.
2. We educate around his learning style and his learning schedule. When he has had enough, we take a break. When he can keep going, we do more. There is no set learning regime. There is just our learning regime.
3. No  IEP battles.
4. No 4 hours of homework every night now.
5. When we finish for the day, we are done.
6. We get to breathe and relax and pray.
7. Less stress and less anxiety for everyone.

Look at where we are:
In less than 4.5 months:
1.  We have completed 5 novel studies/units.
2.  He has completed half of the preAlgebra book.
3.  He has completed the introduction to Latin series online and half of the Video Latin series.
4.  He has completed half of the A Beka spelling/vocabulary book and the grammar books.
5.  He has completed more than half of the science series and between 1/3-1/2 of the social studies text.

And for the common comment to those who state I am not qualified to teach my own child:
1. I am a certified teacher.
2. I have three degrees, one being a terminal degree, in education.
3.  My son is diagnosed with my degree areas of specialization and my doctorate studies pertained to his diagnoses.
4.  God entrusted me to know how to care for him.
5. No one wants more for my son that me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Girl Gifts...

We often wonder what to get the nieces and nephews for Christmas...and with the addition of the fifth shortly after Christmas...I know next year we will wonder this more.  I guess I should not say that we wonder about these it is me who does the shopping and what not. So, I found this on another blog I read and I love it...the girls are getting tutus...I do not know what the boys are getting it...but the girls are now taken care of (after I make these that is!!)...

God sees the beauty of life in all!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Corn Cob Cassie :)

The name of this post is self-explanatory!! 

I am not sure when we discovered the puppy loved to eat corn, but she does!
This is my son's therapy dog and of course, one of the most important members of our family!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tunnel Travels and Tricycle Trips!!

And for final of mom in the tunnel slide...the expression says it further explanation needed!!  Fun afternoon, overall!!

Pumpkin Carving - really?

Okay - let me start this post by stating...we do not do halloween in my my household.  I get that this will follow with a barrage of emails, as it does usually when I post anything of the above, about how and why, etc. This is a personal decision made many years ago for my family when I became saved. As a Christian, it is important to me that my children do not celebrate a pagan ritual or celebration. Many people will say that most of the Christian holidays are done at the same time on the Gregorian calendar as the original scheduled yearly pagan festivals and such. My content to this is that it is not as important when we celebrate the important points in the life of Christ, as so much that we recognize the importance of their contribution in society, world order, and our lives and respect the significance of such on whatever day it is revered.

That being stated...we do not do halloween in my house. And no, I did not accidentally not capitalize the 'h' in halloween. It is a purposeful action done with intent and thought, much like not capitalizing the name of satan or lucifer and not capitalizing the 'h' in hell. I recognize who and what these items are, but they are not given precedence in my life. Things that are placed in the predominant roles of importance are Christ, Jehovah Lord, the Holy Spirit, Heaven...recognize the difference?

Now that you understand the background of why I do the things I do as I do them, you will not feel the need to email and comment. And if you feel the need, I will not answer you, because I do not have to!!  :) don't do halloween, which means we don't carve a pumpkin.  We used to carve a pumpkim many years back with a cross on it and place Bible tracks on the porch with a goody treat attached to them for trick or treaters...I have not done this in a long time.

Last year in 6th grade, my youngest child's teacher did this amazing math unit in the early fall with pumpkins. The students estimated pumpkin weight, weighed pumpkins, charted weights, compared and contrasted estimates, measured height and volume of pumpkins, estimated number of seeds inside, counted all the seeds inside pumpkins when gutting them...You get the idea. It was a very math based activity. It was also very sensory based with the carrying the pumpkins here and there, gutting them, cleaning out all the pumpkin guts, cleaning all the seeds of pumpkin gut slime, and then the finale was a seed spitting contest for distance by the children. My son loved it. Imagine a 6th grader with sensory integration dysfunction involved in these tasks. He could have done that all day!!

SsSsSoOoOoooo, this year he wants to gut a pumpkin again. He is okay if it is carved or not...doesn't care...he just wants to gut it...he wants to play in the pumpkin goo, he wants to roast the seeds...

Then, he states he might like to carve it...for fun...not for display as an art object on the porch...but as an activity of goo and slime...just something to play in...yuck!! :/  So, my 7th grader now has a pumpkin to gut...


Mathematical Quandaries!!

Tonight in the world of mathematics seems as though we will remain on the lovely fraction chapter for a little while more. The child mastered how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators the other long as they were solid fractions and not mixed numbers and involved no regrouping for subtraction.
Oh my, did that throw a monkey wrench in the entire equation (haha!!)...

Who knew...???  So, today and tonight we spent time subtracting mixed number fractions with regrouping and multiplying mixed number fractions. Mind you, he can do anything on that blooming magical calculator.  But, I want him to understand the concept behind the buttons he is pressing. I want him to know the mental computation behind what he is writing on the paper. 

Let's also add to the mix that he seems to have never heard of cross reducing when multiplying     ...can you imagine what will happen when we get to eliminating multiple exponents in fractions and exponents present with multiple variables...Geeze, Louise....I am gonna need some prayers. 

   So, once question is left to the imagination of why such was never noted through 6 years of public school grades and how the child can score advanced-gifted levels in NPR standardized tests, but he cannot calculate basic fraction equations.

He was able to explain to me tonight that he understands the concepts being taught when I explain them to him. This is good. :)  He understands the concepts when he sees them in the textbook. This is good. :)  He can explain the concept to me verbally by talking through a problem we have completed together. This is good. :)

He explains that when he tries to solve the problems independently, he has difficulty getting the concept back out onto the paper for proper assessment. This is where the learning disability comes into play  ...

I think we may be pulling out some manipulatives in the next few days and visiting Khan Academy on the internet for some learning videos...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"You went all 'Mother-Earth' on them."

Interesting day today...

Worked at SCAIHS for awhile today...had the child in being able to take him to work with me. :)

I worked and he sat on the other side of the desk and did his homeschool least some of them today!  He accomplished completion of three lessons of spelling and vocabulary studies, 2 grammar lessons, and made a map outline of the original thirteen colonies. We plan to use this to make a graphic relief map from a flour paste mixture this weekend.

We went to the nutritionist after this, as the pediatrician is concerned about the child's weight. In discussing what we currently eat, as contrasted to what we used to eat, it was interesting to note some of the looks or comments from the nutritionist. :)  She liked that we grow some of the vegetables we eat or get the fresh from the market each week or trade friends for their vegetables. She liked that we have the chickens for fresh eggs every day.

She asked when we made all these changes in the lifestyles we live.  Apparently, though I have not really thought of it before now...we decided to homeschool, started composting, started the small garden, got chickens, and started the weekly workout routines all within thee months of each other.  She questioned how the family dealt with the changes. I told her the child was all aboard with all the he helped to build the compost, helped build the greenhouse/chicken house, helped build and plant the garden, and chose part of his homeschool curriculum. She asked about my husband, whom I had to admit had to get used to some of the ideas.  Her response was: "You went all Mother-Earth on them." 


I found this to be as much amusing, as complimentary!! 

I remember when I lived in Florida...and an individual I met there was described as being 'all Mother-Earth'...and I though all kinds of weird things about that person. Now, I consider her to be a good friend...funny how that happens...

Watch out...I might go all Mother Earth on ya!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Homeschool rocks my socks!                        

And, it makes me sad and MmAaDd!!

We are progressing well. The child has completed about a third of one year. We are into the section in PreAlgebra now where he is reviewing adding and subtracting fractions mith mixed denominators. He can do lowest common multiples mentally. He looks at the numbers and just calls out the LCM within seconds. I am so amazed by how his brain works and how well he picks up things. The thing is, he could not add and subtract the unlike denominator fractions. He asked if we could slow down in math about a week ago and spend some more time on these sections.

Of course, we can!!  He was concerned that we would have to keep moving forward. He discussed how in school it did not matter before if he had understood or not, because they always just kept moving forward. He thought I would keep pushing him along. He asked me twice to slow down and spend more time on the fractions section. I answered him in the positive twice. I asked why he had to ask me again, after I had already agreed. He said he thought I just might be saying so, and not really do it. He thought he would have to push onward and move ahead never really grasping that fraction section...because, this is what he said he had to do in school before. This makes me sad. This makes me mad. 

My own son thinks I would leave him behind instructionally, because it was done before. My own child is afraid I will leave him behind instructionally, so that he feels he has to ask me twice...even when I heard him and agreed to meet his needs the first time he asked. I am mad that I did not see this before. Why had I not noticed in the past that he did not have this skill? He was supposed to be in PreAlgebra Honors this year in the public sector. I wonder if we had stayed the public school course with him, would he have been passed by in other ways. Why did I not catch this when we did homework with him daily for like 4 and 5 hours a night? Why did no one notice when he was in previous grades? Why did the teacher never catch it?

I know the resource teacher last year would have stopped if she had known. She was on top of, where did I lose this skill in my child's life?  I feel like a part of me failed him.

So, last night we sat together and he learned how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. And tonight, while we were riding in the truck, he told me I was the only one to ever sit down with him 1:1 and teach him this skill. I mentioned we did not have to move forward, we could stay here on this math section for as long as he needed. He said it was not necessary...he said he understood it now...he said all he ever needed was someone to take time to show him how. I came in and checked his math tonight and they were all correct.

Now, I will state, he went around his elbow to get from his little finger to his thumb on some of the problems he did today in the section, but he did them correctly. I do recognize his brain does not work quite like mine and it is interesting to note how he processes things now that I am sitting with him 1:1. And all this is fine, as long as knows the concepts and understands the methodology behind them.

Still, upon reflection and discussion with my husband, we are both at a point where we continually realize where we could be as a family and where he could be if we had stayed the course and left things as they were. Thank you, Lord, for knocking as out of where we were to do what we knew needed to be done.

No one wants for my child the things I do. I know this now. I am still so saddened he never learned some of things he needed to know. I am still so mad it was never caught to be corrected in the past. But, now we know. Now, I can help him. Now, he will know. Now, he can learn.