Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Beauty of Being LD

I just returned from the LDA 49th International Conference in Chicago. I presented a session at the conference entitled The Beauty of Being LD. I have presented this session about probably 3 or 4 times by now in the last two years. It gets updated, but the message stays the same.

This arose from attending a workshop 2 years ago when a parent of a child with LD, who had grown into a successful adult with LD, gave a presentation. I was very excited at the time to attend this session. As the mother of a child with Aspergers and several severe learning disabilities, I wanted to hear how someone else's child had progressed and grown into adulthood. I wondered what this mother might have struggled with over the years and were some of her fears for her child the same as those I have? Did she have some of the same dreams for her daughter as I do my son?

Encouragement within that workshop for me quickly turned from excitement and eagerness to discouragement. Thus, the session I recently conducted was born.

The presentation itself consists of 8 Beatitudes I rewrote strictly outlining what I felt was beautiful about any child with a learning disability. I wanted others to understand that being a parent of a child with a learning disability can be a beautiful journey and a blessing. I love my child. He is such an awesome kid.

It is a blessing each day of my life to be graced with my children, both of them. The diagnoses of my youngest son does not define who he is...Each morning when he awakens and each night as he closes his eyes to sleep, he is a blessing and he has a name. His name is not his diagnoses, his name is Charles. Charles is defined by his moral character, his fortitude, his graces, his beauty, the inward light that comes from within, his wisdom, his inquisitive nature. He is not named for his disabilities. He is Charles and he is my son.

His disabilities are a part of him. And, because he is a beautiful child, his learning disability is a beauty in itself. It makes him a better person. It gives him tenacity. He is a fighter. He perseveres. He works harder than most children I know. There is beauty in his being LD.

On a lighter note, at the beginning of my session, I needed a projector to show my powerpoint presentation. A dear friend and colleague, Dr. Joan Teach, had agreed to loan me and help to set up her projector for the presentation. Joan refers to her projector and laptop, which she has strapped to a roll dolly for easier transport, as the 'dog and pony show.'

Charles was my assistant for the presentation. He stands at the entrance to the room and gives session participants their handouts and any necessary materials related to the session. The session started without a hitch and was well underway. Joan snuck out the side and Charlie stopped her on the way out. I am well into the halfway mark of my presentation when quietly from the back of the room the whispering starts, "Mom...Mama...Mom...Mama!" Then, still in a whispered tone, but louder, my child continues to call my name.

He is then walking up the center aisle of the room, still whispering my name in a louder, but hushed tone. He is coming towards me. I am still presenting the session. I asked everyone to please forgive me for one second, as I focus my attention on my son. He stops to tell me "Ms. Joan left the room to go to a mental meeting and you have to watch her dog and pony until she gets back." He whispers to me that there is not a dog and pony in the room. His literal interpretation came shining through. What tickled me so much was that he knows what Joan calls the 'dog and pony show' and has called it that before himself. He has helped to pull this ensemble in previous cities before and at previous conferences, as he has helped us to set up or move equipment from point A to point B.

But, the bigger point was that this moment in time was a shining example of a learning disability in action. But, more important at the moment was the child.

So, my question to you, as you think about your child with a disability...do you allow the disability to define your child or is your child defined by the person he was created to be? Don't limit your son or daughter by the label that is given him or her.

My son is my son - each morning and night. He is defined by his moments of sincerity, by moments of inquisitive learning and thought, by his humor and laughter, by his tears, by his heart and feelings, by the moments that make his life. He has Aspergers and learning disabilities, but he is never defined by them. He is made more beautiful because of them.

I have a child named Charlie. He has disabilities. He is not limited by his labels, he excels because of them. They help to make him a more beautiful and refined individual. My child is beautiful, because there is beauty in his LD.


Monday, February 27, 2012


Recently, the Lord has worked numbers over on me to purge and cleanse...and forgive, and be healed, and to let go. This is difficult. It is amazing what a powerful hold one's soul negative emotions can have. They take on a life of their own.

So, for many months, I have worked to erase a debt I have held against someone for decades. I know not if this soul is now in Heaven or Hell. I can reckon to where he might have passed onto and now resides, but this pure speculation on my part. One day, I shall know. Now, it shall pass. But, for wherever this man's soul resides now and for eternity, he is released from the debt I held to him. His actions and my debt against him cursed me for years and affected many of my reactions to life's events. It is a journey to release something.

It is a willful action to let go. It is a willful action to let go each day. Letting go and forgiving are separate actions from healing one's emotions. I think many get these intertwined, but healing yourself emotionally takes much time.

And, just when I think I am pass one hurdle, I find I have yet another to conquer. An example, is seeing a lost, now found, relative that I would love to have a relationship or friendship with...but the vision of him is a constant reminder of the one I work through forgiving daily and healing from. The Lord is ever at work in me. The Holy Spirit is ever vigilant in remaining steadfast at my side as my Intercessor.

YHWH Wordle :)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finding Grace when you are not looking...

So, lately, much has happened..and in all of this...we realize we have been under much attack from the enemy. Our friends and family are under attack as well.
That being said, we know the tactics of the enemy and know YHWH is greater than all. We may be under attack at times, but we would not be under attack if our paths were not right with the Lord. And, His protection is OH! So grand! :) 

And my child is coming into the fuller portions of his Spiritual gifts and growing in his knowledge of how to use them.

And for as weird as it may sound, somewhere in this we have become the couple we used to look at and envy, or the couple people call for help and when they are need. I am not sure when we became these people who are the responsible, turn to leave your kids with, take care of my baby, fix my car, I need emergency food money, I need help, can we stay at your house for safety...kind of people.

When did the Lord reach down and make us the stable couple? When did we become the strong ones? When did we become so blessed that I failed to notice the Lord at work with His unyielding grace?

I am thankful for what He does even when I fail to notice.

Somewhere, in my blundering about of this thing we call life, the Lord remembers us each day. For this I am thankful and blessed.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Puppy Caper 2...to the Rescue

Lab puppies from GA were found and had to be whisked away before the euthanasia monsters could get them...a new friend from GA rescued these beautiful puppies and their mommy...then found the daddy wandering alone and rescued him, too!!

The puppies were handed off to us at the state line to transport to the new foster parents, with mommy and daddy, too! My son went along for the ride as well. He made sure everyone was loved and petted while I drove. We road to another part of the state where they would be safe from being killed and the mommy could get her puppies healthy and strong. The mama doggy, Millie, road with the pups in the crate and Romeo Ned, the daddy, road alongside my son. 

Millie and Romeo Ned were whining about two hours into the transport, so we stopped to give them a potty break!!

Later, once back in the vehicle, Romeo Ned and my son settled right in quite comfortably for the ride and my son went to sleep. For most of the ride, my son's hand never left this dog and the dog settled in practically on top of him for most of the ride. 

We noticed by this part of the trip that one of the puppies, a smaller one, did not seem to be doing so well. When we arrived at our location of the foster family for these beautiful dogs, one of the puppies had passed away. My son cried for almost the entire two hour trip home over the loss of this puppy. We started the trip with 10 dogs and ended it with 9 dogs. 
Millie was very thin when found. She was very happy when her rescue angel found her and she ate a very hearty meal. She was and is a great mommy dog. We loved Romeo Ned's personality, and we fell in love with Millie and her pups.

One final picture of a sleeping puppy before she got kisses from my child.

A good and loving Millie watches over her pups. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Messy Mommy Mondays...


I realized after I wrote the title that it was not Monday...it is Tuesday...Oh, well. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

teaching the child to identify wild onions

today, we spent part of the unschooling homeschooling day playing in the plants!!  more mycelium spraying/misting...planted some carrots and lettuce...checked the garlic and onion bulbs...checked the potato plants that still are not sprouting...top-soiled the lemon and orange tree sprouts...and dug up wild onions...

dirty wild onion sprout...

 cleaned up wild onion sprout...