Thursday, June 28, 2012

Found my review online...

I reviewed the Visual Latin curriculum series awhile back. We started the Latin Curriculum for Latin I this past homeschool year.
I received the first half of the curriculum free for the review. I had forgotten the review was posted elsewhere. I found the other review online the other day. It is on the Because Mom Says So curriculum and book review site. Here is the link to my other review...I am not sure if I remember posting it there...but it is mine.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Growing Pineapples II

A little over a year ago...I potted two pineapple plants.

The how to is here:

They were repotted about a weekend ago.
For the two potted last summer that are now a year old...they have grown a lot...

This one is almost as old as the was quite large, but had to be cut back some after being repotted...I think I tranferred it too fast from the indoors to the outdoors.

This one is about 8 or 9 months old was looking poorly when I repotted it. I should have resoiled it before I did. The roots were showing some signs of rot. They had to be cut away and fresh soil used. It seems to be looking better and I hope continues to improve.

This one is the baby pineapple. It has only been a bit over 1.5 months since I potted this one.

I am ready for these pineapple plants to grow me a pineapple like this one:
This pineapple is not mine, or my on the picture for picture and link credit for this one.

This guy looked after his guys for three years to grow the pineapples he has...I knew it would take about two years or so to bloom one...but did not imagine when I started this process that it would take three years for it to bloom into a full fruit.

Monday, June 25, 2012

summer homeschool adventures

nothing like mini learning lessons/field trips close to home...

we went to a family friend's home and visited bunnies - mamas and new babies and held a flying squirrel!!  fun and educational all at the same time...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

what's for dinner

 spinach and cheese stuffed chicken breasts

potato, squash, and fresh herb torte

it was yummy and very filling...
love finding ideas on pinterest...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

blackberry bush killers

My younger son and I went to the local library yesterday. We pick wild blackberries near the library.  Sad to say, the wild blackberry vines are destroyed. Sadder still, we have met other people who come to pick the blackberries here as well.

Looking at the destroyed vines brings to mind the elderly man I met last year who came that morning to pick fresh blackberries for his "bride" of many years for her to put on her oatmeal that morning. That conversation and short communication has stayed with me all year to appreciate the simple moments in life that seal a marriage commitment. 

My son and I have came by here almost every other day lately to gauge the growth and development of these little berries and to determine when some would finally be ready to pick. They were in full bloom and so pretty. Now, they are literally destroyed.

And yes, I do understand why they were destroyed cut away. The railway is replacing the ties and I think the rails. I understand they need to have clearance to work safely...

But, I do think at times, in an effort to get a job finished, beauty is destroyed. I know it was just a vine that was taking over the side here. I also know they could have been safely cut back and the beauty of them preserved.

Still, I am saddened. We lost a wonderful moment together to pick wild blackberries as a family. And, I think about the elderly man who comes to pick fresh wild blackberries for his bride and wonder if she will have any this year.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

potting, planting, cleaning, and stars

I think I have been in overdrive today. My phone went capoot on Wednesday while we were out of town. What really happened to my phone was I killed it. I dropped it in the toilet. Go ahead and laugh..I did. It was a crappy phone anyway.

It was able to be dried out enough to receive and send texts and send emails. It would dial and ring calls in, but all one could hear through either end of the given receivers was static. Thus I got a new phone on Friday. I have spent some of each of the past two days learning how to use the new phone.

Today, I was able to repot/replant the remainder of the lemon saplings, orange saplings, and pineapple plants. I will post pictures of the pineapples later. I still need to replant/repot the aloe plants, a lily, and some airplane plants.

These are the repotted orange and lemon trees. I started these from seed back in November 2011 and potted them in the first pots in January 2012. I started with more than these of each plant type but these were all that made it till now.





There was another orange sapling, but for some reason, I do not have a picture of it.

I have been playing with the camera on the new are pictures of the puppies.

And, my older son is home to visit for a day or so...unexpectedly, but appreciatively nonetheless.

I planted 8 corn plants today and 2 cucumber plants...These have been growing from starter on my porch, but got transferred to the ground today. The tomatoes were watered. Sadly, I forgot to water the lettuce and cabbage and will have to do so in the morning. The cabbages looked quite sad today. I did battle with the Japanese beetles over my grape vine leaves, the sweet potato vines, the cannas, the strawberries, and the mint leaves. I refuse to lose this battle.

The bedroom was cleaned and rearranged completely. The nook was cleaned and the dining room. The kitchen, den, nook, halls, and dining room have been swept 4 times today at last count and mopped once. The bedroom was swept, but I never got around to mopping it. All the linens have been washed. My hubby helped by washing all the laundry! Yeah! 

I finished covering all the boat cushions, with the exceptions of the larger two fold down seats. Now the back seats and full front have new cushion covers and look much better.

Needless to say, it has been a long day.  :0)

The little one and I were able to finally put up the paper star light we bought in the mountains about two weeks ago. It is pretty.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I am a Martha...

The child and I were on the way to a friend's beach condo the other day and were listening to a sermon en route. It was the Bible story about Mary and Martha, Luke 10:38-42. It had all the typical items we are all familiar with in this story...but then came the lesson.

The real impact of the lesson came about the speaker's revelation/thought that Mary was a Martha, before she was a Mary. Now this has more to do with the characters of the women. They were both believers. And, in this day and age would perhaps both be viewed as devout Christian women. The thing about these two women were they were polar opposites on how they dealt with Christ when he entered their house and how they responded to His words to them.

Martha flitted about. She made sure all was clean and the men were tended to...she worried about the details of the household and wanted everyone to be comfortable and fed. She became agitated that Mary sat at the feet of Christ and did not assist her in the household maintenance and chores. She even implored Jesus to get Mary to her feet to get her to help.

I do not really think or perhaps I am not sure if Mary really so much refused to assist and help. I think she was more wrapped up in the knowledge that this was her Lord and Savior, in the form of man, as the scriptures had long foretold would come...and she fell at his feet. How amazing to have the Lord before you and to know it is true, when others were oblivious of what was before them and what was to come in a few short days.

In the sermon, the speaker was much involved on describing the actions of these two women. And how the actions relate to their faith individually. When he described Martha, I found her description to be personally mine. And while he was describing her, I said aloud several times: That is me. Of course, the peanut gallery consisting of one child agreed with me from the background of the back seat. I tend to stay busy with a never ending stream of chores I see to be done in this household. The floor and kitchen seem to beckon me the most. I must sweep. I must have everything clean and put away in the kitchen before any type of meal prep can begin to transpire. The floor of the house is swept minimally twice a day and the kitchen floor is often spot mopped daily by hand. The annoys my child and husband to no end, both who like to profess openly they believe I have OCD related to issues of cleaning. I tend to disagree outwardly, but inwardly think they may be correct at times.

I do like to stay busy and think of what needs to be done next when I am not busy. I admit I flit around this house and with my to the next, multitasking as I go.

Martha was so busy with her tasks, she forgot or was too busy to be paying attention to God. The thing was that Mary was probably a lot like Martha before she became involved in the Lord. I reflect then and now that I need to evolve more to become more like a Mary and less at times like a Martha.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

updates on life...

I have finished my public school employment, finished up homebound instruction for one child, and finished out the after school instruction position. I am now working with the homeschool association only and on the consulting position. I have been busy adjuncting still on the side. The consulting position is challenging mentally and I like that. It travels with me and my younger son, making homeschooling still very doable.

We have traveled away from home for the last several days to check on the older child. This has proved more difficult than I imagined. I will stop on that discussion. He is moving through stages in life.

  While away, I promised my younger son we would stop by the local reservation to buy him some more blowdarts. We are planning to taking the thistle pods growing near the house to dry for the season and then try to use them to make our own blowdarts. We were able to purchase sinew this evening, this will add to this creation for him. :) 

While out of town, I discovered two metal chickens at a road side market sale. This was the one I loved. He wanted $225 for this thing...some people have stated this is tied and tight wallet strings make me feel slightly different.

We went to the grocery store to make some food purchases fot the next few days. My son calls this store Iggles, which phonetically rhymes with giggles. I laughed when he did this. He asked if he pronounced it wrong??? I tell him this is so. He states it is called Igles - with a long i sound.  Then he pronounces it sound likes Ingles...imagine pronouncing Anglais, like English in French but with a short i sound at the front of the word. I tell him it is Ingles...sounding much like Laura Ingalls' last name. He nods.

On the homefront, I am writing curriculum and consulting and homeschooling through the days. And, we are taking time to smell the flowers along the way. I had forgotten to do this for quite some time.

We also the Blue Man Group the other day. It was absolutely awesome. I think it was a great sensory fit for my sensory needy child. We were not allowed to take pictures. : (   But, the show itself was awesome.

We also visited the reservation's Indian village today for a short reprieve. This was one of the actors of the village:

And back to the topic of the blowdarts...which my son has gotten great practice with at home on his 3 ft dart gun... His aim with the 3 foot has surprisingly great accuracy. Today, at the village he was allowed to shoot blowdarts with one on the resident Cherokee there.

He had to use a 9 foot gun. He has never shot with one of these before. The first dart completely missed the target, but was very close. He hit the target just below it with the 9 ft. I commented he would not have hit the animal in the heart, but would definitely slow it down.

I continue to pray for my daughters...wherever the Lord has them guarded at tonight. I continue to pray for my sons...guarded, hedged, safe by the Blood.