Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creationism-v-Evolution/Big Bang Theory

Today we went back to the homeschool store and purchased a different science curriculum. I wanted something more hands-on and concrete to use with my Asperger & LD learner. We read the first lesson together and then he took the quiz for the reading portion.

Tonight we did the hands-on learning activity for giving a visual learning experience for Creationism-v-Evolution/Big Bang Theory. I was excited about this activity for him due to the way the activity made the explantion of this concept so concrete for him. We discussed the impossibility of randomness for everything just exploding from nothing and landing all in such order and beauty of a perfect design. Then we discussed how there had to be the hand of a Supreme Being to create such order and perfection down to even the most minute details. There is also the later discussion that many gods could not exist to do such perfection as the universe and mankind, as they would all argue and nothing but chaos would have ensued.

The activity involved taking a stack of cards and just dropping them from any height. Of course they scatter all over with no real pattern. You repeat this several times. We got to discuss outliers with this as well...got to get that math terminology integrated within. :)  Finally, you sit down and build something with the cards. Then you can talk about while you are doing all this that there is no perfection, there is no plan in a random bang and poof there is everything. There could never be a result of gravity and axes of planetary bodies and revelations and rotations with the exact combination of air quality and support of vegetation and so forth...with a big bang.

In other words, things can never evolve from nothing. There is always a design. There was always a plan. There was always the hand of God in the building of the universe, of each plant, of each life, of each child...

Of course, we also got to discuss how Mother Nature creates things that destroy items so that new life can be built or created in that space. This can in the form of the big black labrador retriever that was known for a few minutes as Hurricane Cassie with the tail of destruction that would mightily wag all the card houses to make all the creations fall down and shatter. This same force of destruction also sent all the card house walls and ceilings scattering.

randomness of card scatter event 1 - we used spider man and wrestling cards!!

 random scatter 2

 random scatter 3

 random scatter 4

random scatter 5 (child was enjoying doing this by now)

hubby/dad had to do a random scatter - he referred to this as having a 'backwards thrust' - i decided to discuss outliers in mathematical term and anomolies with the child

 creation at the hand of a father begins to take shape - order only occurs when there is a purpose, a design, a plan

a building/card house was being built, but itself-destructed. :)
 lesson learned here was things have to be well designed with a purpose to withstand and be strong

 another design by a (human) hand of creation (a mommy creation)

 the design continues to grow (a daddy creation)

the rebuilding process (mommy creations)

building design of the child

dad's design becomes two storied now

the arrival of destruction - Hurricane Cassie - because playing ball and tag has got to be so much more interesting than building with cards :)

 more building (child designs)

 more building (mommy designs)

 and then mother nature sends in a force of wind and storms (tail and legs of lab doggy) - notice the look on the child's face as he tries to move her in a direction away from his card house he has just started to reconstruct on the floor near his and her feet

 house of cards falls - notice the doggy feet in the upper part of the photo??

 she walked right across his card house he had previously diverted her away from - you can barely see the tops of the cards in the bottom of the picture where she knocked the card house down

 and on the 7th day he rested, or more like on the 7th house attempt, he laid back and rested from his creations :)

 the face of house card destruction

 the child attempts to build yet again

 but wouldn't you rather play ball?

 walking through the cards again - notice the child has given up his building due to the random 'house attacks' from the dog and is laying back to rest now as well...

 don't even know what to say here -
she just sat on top of most of the cards in the middle of the three of us!! :)

and the cards scatter again -
not because of the big bang section of the lesson -
but due to the paws and tail of the doggy...

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