Sunday, August 14, 2011

Growing Pineapples @ Home

 twist pineapple top off of fruit
 shred off bottom leaves to find hidden roots
 roots are becoming exposed
 you can see the roots are the bottom of the pineapple top...because it is part of the bromeliad family, it will never have a deep or long stem
this was one planted about 6 months ago
same plant as above, showing new growth in the middle of the leaves
this one was planted about 4 months ago and seems to thriving well...the leaves are getting longer and it has new growth as well...
pineapple number 3 planted about 4 months ago or so, also very healthy.

We will plant the other one in soil in a day or so. It is in a cup of water now, not that it really needs to be. I keep forgetting to plant it and so it waits. It is supposed to take like two or three years for it to grow a full pineapple from the top of an old pineapple.

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