Friday, August 12, 2011

Meteors, Stars, Not Speaking....

Thoughts of the day:
1.  The child went to the planetarium tonight at the science museum. He seems like he had a really great time.  Afterwards, we drove about 20 minutes out into the boondocks of nowhereville to make a distance between small town lights and darkness. I wanted to take him to view the Perseid meteor shower. Tonight is the prime viewing night and in the sky is a big ole' ginormous full moon. Did we see any meteors? We were there about 30 minutes and did not see a single one to my knowledge. At the end of the time frame, the child was complaining about bugs and had spent more time looking at street signs and trees and the SUV through the binoculars, than he had viewing celestial bodies.

2. I did see some pretty stars and despite the full moon  that is bright in the sky tonight, looking in the opposite direction in the sky, we could see some constellations pretty well. We identified two planets. And of course, several airplanes were noted.

3.  There was a sermon on the radio tonight about Job. Something occurred to me as I listened to the sermon. I was so overwhelmed with a new reveal of information, I had to rush home to grab the Bible and look it up before going to pick up the child at the church around the corner where he met up with other boys for the planetarium trip. No matter how he was tested, Job never spoke ill against the Lord. He never cursed the Lord, nor held Him to blame. He praised him loudly in all things and for all things. Here is the reveal...the Bible does not say Job never thought ill or thought blame, even perhaps for a split second.
     There are times when a thought pops into my head out of nowhere. I think to myself where in the world did that come from. Now I am acutely aware satan can plants thoughts, but satan cannot hear my thoughts. God, on the other hand, He can hear my thoughts and the words I speak. But, satan has no access to my thoughts, just my spoken word. he can't hear my thoughts. satan can plants thoughts in my head, but he cannot hear me think them...but, my Lord can.
     The exchange of conversation in the book of Job between the Lord and satan and the sons of God notes that satan states that Job will speak against the Lord if tested. The Lord says to satan to test Job and he does and he never speaks against the Lord. The Bible does not talk about his thoughts.
     I have told my husband and one of my prayer warrier partners that at times I do not want to answer something or do not want to vocalize a thought, because I do not want satan to have any access to it. Just as this is so, the bad thoughts that pop in that I know should not be present do not have to be acknowledged aloud for satan to rejoice either. And I can still repent of them before the Lord. How awesome if that?
     Job would not give satan the satisfaction of vocalizing a bad thought. How awesome a revelation? Thank you Lord for the small ways you to me and the unwaivering detail you provide.

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