Wednesday, June 15, 2011

learning on our own

first blog ever...first post ever...

we are homeschooling this year for the first time ever...we are about 1.5 weeks into the experience. i am learning things about my kid i never knew before...and, i am his mom.

i found out the other day he has no clue how to transform mixed numbers into improper fractions and back...he had no clue they were interchangeable. how did this happen? 

i am also seeing the fruits of only a few days of learning taking place and ideas generalizing to other areas. example: today i decided to drive up the interstate to see the pirate ship on the wateree river after the weeky occupational therapy session. i thought this was fascinating and took pictures...he could have cared less...yeah, so what? mom was taking pictures of the pirate ship on the river bank. whatever!! 

we drove on a bit down the road into camden domain (i should have had heidi's number on hand...). i wonder aloud about the crop in the field next to us. i comment it looks slightly like spinach. from out of the backseat is the voice of reason who quickly informs me that spinach has a slightly smaller leaf and is a lighter color of green. the backseat voice tells me various leaves of varying crops it could be...

we have only been gardening this year, but the child goes outside routinely to collect spinach for eating with our meals. we smell the air and recognize watermelons and sweet hay. and it hits me that he has learned about the vegetables independently from helping to work the small things we planted to grow. he comments often lately on rows of corn and such. the Lord is working in his mind daily...

and yet we remain such a small piece of the infinite plan.

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