Thursday, September 29, 2011

Metal Chickens

I have been on the hunt for a metal chicken for the yard...I do not know why I want one...I just do! I have two neighbors with one. These are bigger welded metal chickens for the yard of over three to four feet tall. One lives in town and another lives around the corner about a half mile away. I also want a metal donkey and goat.  Those are tales for another day. I found a metal chicken I really liked at a neighboring town's festival several months back, but it was like $150. I could not bring myself to spend that much for yard art. My husband wanted to show he was a good husband and actually prove he had heard what I said I wanted for once, thus went on his own quest for a metal chicken.

He came back with what he calls a mudfish or bottom feeder. My youngest child and I call it the potty fish. Either way, I received my metal yard art and needless to say, it has grown on me and is a nice sight in my garden items in the front. Alas, I still want a metal chicken. This is sort of like one I would be happy to find.

This chicken would be awesome!!   

Realize that I have not gone so far as to state I would like an army of metal chickens.

In further discussions this day in history, the youngest child and I have determined where and what would make the best living house for at the beach, on the coast, with a house just big enough, but not too big. We would require a garage for the vehicles and a dock for the boat. We need a boat ramp. And of course, the current therapy puppy would come, the three chickies, the three kitties, and us...and we would need one goat, one cow, one pony, and one pigs!!!  More discussion revealed Andrew could marry his significant other and move into the FROG with an outside and inside entrance or into a FAOB (finished apartment over barn)...which would mean we would add three more pets - the teacup puppy, the dustmop doggy, and the new bunny. The youngest child could remain there as well, converting the above garage option into an apartment as well... We then determined that intercoastal was even better with the  same arrangements of course.  :)

Other discussions of the week included: 1. do angels wear clothes? 2. do people have on clothes when the soul leaves the body to go to Heaven or hell? 3. If they have on no clothes, how long does it take for them to realize they are naked?  The answer to these discussions was that I do not believe the soul really cares if it naked or clothed when it leaves the body to join Christ or satan.

My phone was stolen this week when I took the child to therapy. And the youngest child washed his this past weekend in the washer at a friend's condo when we were there for the previous week's speaking engagement for LDA. It has not been a good Verizon week in our household...but this too shall just pass on the fleeting moments of life. :)

Did I mention I want a metal chicken? I have decided to go on a small metal chicken hunt this weekend while I am alone for awhile. The youngest child is going on a mission, chicken hunting I come. At the end of the road where my oldest child lives is this place with yard art. Last time I went by there, they had a metal giraffe for sale. It was gargantuan...maybe they will have a metal chicken this time!!  Maybe?!?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yeggs!! Yeah!

My cousin's youngest child calls the eggs they collect from their chickens, called 'cookies' at their house, 'yeggs.' 

Today all three of the girls laid an yegg!!  We collected three yeggs today! Hoorah!! 

One of them was brown.  We know that Matilda was the one laying eggs first...we have yet to determine if Florence or LouElla laid the second eggs...mmmhhhmmm!!??!!??

So, now I wonder which one is the brown egg layer?  Not that it matters! So, happy to have fresh eggs every day!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Making Historical Home Replicas

For history in the homeschool world, we have been gearing up for the next unit...we toured a museum in the capital and his father took him to the Confederate Relic Museum for the homeschool Friday session about a week ago. Last night we started building colonial village buildings...these will probably be more what we think they looked like or what we are able to build/construct them as!!  So, we started the popsicle buildings!!  Of course, I was more into than he this one was mine and it is to be a model for him to get creative with his own creations...but....

we still need to paint it, but you get the idea...i guess this would be more of a one room country cottage or frontiersman type home!! 

more buildings to come!!

body parts...

took this picture yesterday in the capital city while at a festival with the child....just thought the randomness of the mannequins were oddly arranged...some poor kid could have nightmares looking at this...

Friday, September 16, 2011

planting propogation/terrarium updates

This morning while digging the pop biscuits out of the fridge to make breakfast...I came across the apple and pear seeds I had placed in the baggies about two months ago or so in the fridge door. 

We collected the seeds from store bought apples and some from the apple collection trip in NC when we to the Cherokee museum.  The pears are from a friend's/relatives pear tree in her yard...we try to pick some from there a lot lately!!  These were the same pears I canned many of earlier this year and also dehydrated or preserved with the food preserver...

I had to look up how to preserve the seeds to prepare them for fall planting...I read on the internet to place them in a cool, dark, moist place until ready to plant. You apparently cannot plant them or SHOULD not plant them unless they sprout some...I know they probably just planted them back when, but I did not live back know!! More reading revealed that you could place the seeds on a wet/moist paper towel and fold the paper towel over and place them in air tight baggies in the fridge.  So, we did!  I was hopeful to see what would happen to them, if anything!  Then, we waited...and I forgot about them!...until this morning.

baggy of pear seeds 

baggies of apple seeds

all of the pear seeds!!  these are natural seeds and are not commercially altered...huge difference in how they sprouted..hope something grows from them...

these were some apple seeds...lesson learned - the paper towel cannot be too started to grow some mold...these were grocery store apple seeds...thus, commercially altered seeds...

 another baggy of apple seeds from the grocery store apples we ate earlier this season...only one looks like two, but it is just one.
 these were peach and nectarine seeds we also read up on how to prepare for propogation....the peaches are white peaches from a nearby farmer's tree that we picked earlier this year...they are not store bought seeds and have not been altered.

the nectarine seed is from a store bought nectarine we ate.

we read to place these in potted soil that was slighted moistened and to place in the fridge for up to a month or so. They have been in these dirt baggy terrariums of sorts in my fridge as long as the apples have.
None of the cups had any sprouts. We placed them in the baggies in the window to allow them to get some sunlight and we will see what happens. I am hopeful, but skeptical!  But, you can never learn and be successful, if you do not try!

Tomato slips are doing doing so well...or maybe, I did not have time to really pay attention to them lately to water them appropriately??? Sad looking little things....

this way is still slightly hanging in there...maybe??  just maybe???

poor dead plants

on a more positive note, this is the child's radish seeds he planted in the terrarium he made awhile back...the sprouts were becoming tall enough that we needed to take the top of the bottle off to allow it more space to bloom...

 this is the tomato slip to the right that is doing well despite how much i forget to water it or how often i remember to water it...

i wonder if the fact that the two surviving plants we tried to indoor garden and propogate we planted in older soda bottles has anything to do with it...odd these were the ones that survived best so far...

chicken memos

i think we have to provide two of the three chickens with a chicken chicky got the memo and forgot to tell the other two girls...

one of the chickies is a consistent egg layer...there were two in one day, but i think now one might have been there from the day before and we just found it the next day...there is never an egg in the morning, but there is consistently being one after the same nest box...same spot, same size...the first was larger, the remainder are medium to small...pretty, perfect cream colored little eggs...

we didn't receive the egg present on the perhaps, she took a day of rest on sunday...i can cope with is the christianity answer for shabbat!!  so we now have half a dozen the rest of the girls need to fall in line with their flock leader...whomever that is...i wish we knew which girl is the layer : / youngest child swears it is florence, the fatter chicky...he has recently sat her in the box and 'squished' on her, telling her to 'lay'...he reported she only 'hollered' when he did this...
i wonder why she would react so...poor chicky is too traumatized to 'lay'!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love this song...

I was blog-browsing and found this accidently...I love this song, so I had to google it and found this!!

Osmosis Eggsperiment

This was the osmosis learning experiment from about a week ago!!
1. Soak three eggs in vinegar...You really only need two, but I did an extra, because I know my kid...He was gonna wanna squeeze and squish the 'goo' out of one of those poor eggs. You soak the eggs for 24 hours and the vinegar basically  eats the shell off. The real scientific explanation to this the child received was about the chemical reaction occurring as the vinegar reacts with the shell causing it to dissolve and allow the formation of the air bubbles in the vinegar as the gas escapes from the shells, allowing them to thin and just the egg lining or egg membrane to remain.
Acetic Acid + Calcium Carbonate = Carbon Dioxide release
We also discussed the calcium of the shell being much like the calcium found in a bone of an animal, which is why they are white. His contrasting statement to this is when scientists found dinosaur bones, they were more a dingy whitish brown color than white. We discussed the white calcium being a semipermeable substance once hardened...which is why x-rays and MRIs can be made of bones. (Side bar discussion occurred here about his knee (re)injury and upcoming MRI to be scheduled yet.) We got out the periodic table and discussed calcium being an element need for survival and plant growth and such.

starting to soak

carbon dioxide releasing

better picture of all the CO2 bubbles collecting at the top of the vinegar

We took the eggs out of the vinegar after about 1.5 days of them soaking. The remainder of the egg residue was easily washed off. I did explain to the child that the egg membrane was fragile and so he had to handle it carefully.

This was also a good lesson that referenced back to the original cell lesson many weeks back it seems like now. The egg is more like a cell and the child could see the yolk inside once the shell was washed away, because the egg membrane is porous and somewhat translucent. We discussed how the albumin or egg white was like cytoplasm. This is where the lesson on osmosis begins. We discussed what it was and how it could occur in cells. My husband gave him a simpler explanation and example later in the week to think of osmosis like a sponge soaking up water; it moves from the container to the sponge. Another thing that is observable about the eggs at this time is that the yolk is slightly centered.

The next step is to take two glasses filled with water. One glass contains plain water and one glass is mixed with an equal amount of dissolved sugar. You place one egg each in each glass of water.

The plain water glass contains the sinking egg. The floating egg is in the sugar water mixture.

top view of sank egg

top view of floating egg

The egg in the sugar solution floats because the sugar solution is dense, moreso than regular plain water. After soaking for slightly more than 1.5 days in the water and sugar mixtures, we removed the eggs. At this point is is observable that one egg is larger than the other. The egg on the right was the water egg. The egg on the left is the sugar egg. Notice how the yolk has sank to the botton of the sugar egg. The egg from the water is so waterlogged, it is difficult to see the the yolk anymore.

The dissolved sugar contains dissolved molecules that are too large to move through the semipermeable membrane of the egg. Water molecules are smaller than sugar molecules. Water molecules are small enough to pass through the egg membrane. Water is contained within the egg itself, before we ever soaked it in any solution. Osmosis seeks to make the concentration level the same on both sides of the gradient by moving through the membrane to stabilize the equality of water on both sides of the membrane. The water of the sugar solution egg will move out of the egg to the sugar solution to stabilize the solutions on both sides. There are more water moecules in the water solution than in the egg itself. Thus, the water molecules move across the cell membrane of the water solution egg to stabilize the water amount on both sides of the egg membrane. The water leaving the sugar solution egg causes the egg to shrink. The water entering the water solution egg causes the egg to swell.

The next step was to prick the water enlarged egg. It was supposed to spout the water out. Of course, my kid squeezed the egg once it started to spout and tried to make it spew...needless to say, the egg exploded...remember there was 3 day old, sitting out on my counter top and in vinegar) egg yolk still in that egg membrane.

pricking the egg - it spouted before I could snap another picture

straight from spouting water to exploding in his hand : /

leftover cell membrane

of course, the sensory side of him has to touch it before it is cleaned up

Next, place the sugar solution, shrunken egg into the older water solution. We had to start over with a new cup of water, because the child had thrown out the older water. When you place the sugar water egg back into regular water, it will slightly return to a more normal size. It reabsorbs water into the egg membrane to equalize the gradients again. Yes, the child had to prick the sugar solution egg once it was norml size again. Yes, he thought it would be equally cool to squish it too!!  Don't forget we had the extra vinegar egg in the fridge all this remaining time. He remembered the extra vinegar egg about 2 days after the experiment ended and promptly poked it with a stick pin to squish it as well.

While we were conducting the above, we also boiled another egg and then soaked it in vinegar to eat the shell off of it. The child washed the shell off of it and it was bouncy, from short heights only. Yes, it was eventually squished outside as well. Needless to say, the child enjoyed this eggsperiment.
egg after boiled water cooled

boiled egg soaking in vinegar

carbon dioxide release with boiled egg

shell is starting to dissolve
 we found this interesting that the part of the egg where the air sac is located at the end of the egg was able to be wrinkled. the shell is still on there at this time, though slightly dissolved...

water egg, sugar egg, and boiled egg all with shells gone...cell membrane of boiled egg is intact with slight wrinkles.