Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PreAlADHDgebra...oh did I lose track of what I was writing there??

The child is supposed to be finishing his chapter 2 prealgebra test. For the last 1.25 hours, he has been working on this test. He has completed half of it. Most of the time has been spent with:
  • Quit playing ball with the dog, come finish this.
  • You can clean out your fingernails later.
  • Dust bust the squishy ball.
There are more, but the blog would overload. Forget the Aspergers, dysgraphia, dyslexia, sensory integration disorder, proprioceptive disorder, speech and language disorders and delays, pragmatic social delay, and so forth...I think a doctor in there forget ADHD somewhere along the line.


  1. try having a large lego population just a mere 10 feet away and not really wanting to do math, grammar,science and spelling..... lego's calllllllllliiiinnnngggggggg......

  2. i figured the preschooler was more distracting in your house than the legos

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I am now following. :)