Saturday, September 29, 2012

making a twig arbor?!?!?

i want to make one of these...
i found this one on google images, but could not find a link..

Pinned Image
there is a how-to tutorial on how to build this twig arbor above...step by step directions for a diy project...need to find the time to find me some twigs...i think this might go well beside a grape vine so it could grow along and over it...thoughts???

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

pineapples plants getting huge...


the temps have been dropping at night lately, so it is time to start prepping plants to be transitioned back from outside to inside. i moved the pineapple plants back to the porch today. they will stay there for a few days, while being crittered inspected and allowed to acclimate a bit, then moved back inside for the autumn and winter. the pineapple plants have gotten huge over the summer with exposure to the sunshine.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

potato cannons, eggs, and butter!!

Accomplishments of the homeschool day - maybe?
Last week, we attempted to make a potato would not launch the potato. Today, it became a father/son project. After a few hours, it launched the potato more than sufficiently and also became a make-shift flame thruster! 

My younger son made three more arrows for the PVC bow. I think he made three...I lose count. We spent a good hour outside shooting them. He worked more on his bridge for his engineering class and finished it. :)  I hope it is as indestructible as he thinks it will be.

And somehow, we collected 9 eggs from 7, maybe some eggs were lain yesterday after we gathered eggs...who knows??

On a side note, for the first time in 2 months, since I was not content writing nonstop all day, I actually had some time to clean. Of course, I feel like I made more messes than I cleaned. Although, I did accomplish 4 trashbags full of junk. I loaded several older curriculum things we no longer use and will not need any longer onto a sale site. I found library books I had misplaced. Almost all the clothes were washed...I did not say clothes were folded up put up, but they were washed!  The husband folded them and left them in piles. :/
I got all the excess basil and garlic canned/jarred. I still have to do the oregano.
I got a batch of butter made and a good bit of excess buttermilk put away to make biscuits, bread, or pancakes with later.
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I also was able to get the tomato deseeded from tonight to save the seed for next year!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

to the Ruths and Orpahs...

I have so many things I would often like to post, but time prevails and life occurs and it never happens. Today my heart hurts, because my child aches at words spoken to him and over him. For things of harshness spoken to my child(ren), over my child(ren), about my child(ren)...I rebuke them in Jesus' name and only lay claim to the plans the Lord has laid out for them.

To the girls who will cross the paths of my sons...know this, I pray for you. I pray for those whom have came and went, those who linger, and those who may be yet to come. One of you is the chosen wife of each of my sons...thereby, making you by extension my daughter. I know I will never be your mother, but I will love you as my daughter, as you will love and cleave to my son.
I pray for your path. I pray your words and actions are guarded by the Spirit. I pray the hand of Jesus is upon your heart, words, and mind in all things...even if you do not know His graces in your life yet. I may never be your Naomi, and I should hope that plight would never befall my family...but I know some of you will be Ruths and some of you will be Orpahs.

And either way...know this...I promise to never say words to hurt you or bring you harm...because you may be my son's Ruth. I promise to never speak against you or your own, because you may be my son's Ruth. I promise to pray for you each day, because you may be my son's Ruth. I promise to honor your name in the Light of the Lord, because you may be my son's Ruth.

And, if you leave and are an Orpah...I will still pray for you, even after you are gone. I pray for you, because at one time the Lord saw fit to give you a place in my son's life and therefore, you will forever have merit in my life and be important...for you played a roll, no matter how big or little. For all the Orpahs I have not known...I pray for you, as the Lord and the Spirit know your names. I pray for you to have a good life, to be wise, and to be guided and girthed by the Spirit...I pray for you, because to someone else's may be the Ruth.

So, to the daughter I do not yet have...know that, though it is not known to you yet, you are prayed for and loved.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

YHWH said...

satan told me to accept my failures.
satan said to be afraid.
satan told me my limitations.

YHWH said: you can do anything through Me.
YHWH said: I have not given you a sense of  fear.
YHWH said: you have no limits when you walk the path with Me.

Kitty no more...

the kitty has finally passed...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hoader or Saver of all good things?

I was reading a blogger's post tonight from This lady and her current situation made me think of my grandmother. She often talked about her grandparents.
They were farmers and had very little - less than very little. I learned much later in my life that my grandfather worked hard, but often (it seemed from his paperwork trail) borrowed from Peter to pay Paul and was negotiating with Simon on the side...trying hard to keep his family afloat and not lose the baby and the bathwater. The lady from the blog at WordPress discussed hearing her grandmother talk about people so poor they had no pot to piss in and no window to throw the piss out of. Now, that is not necessarily a good word. Although, I do remember my grandparents discussing such as well when I was little.

Memories of my grandmother tonight focused on when I was small. I remember the closets being jammed with items of all types imaginable. In the old house, the closets still are just so. As I have grown older I have often thought of facing the tasks of cleaning out those closets. I have also remembered stories she shared of growing up during the depression. My grandmother was born when the depression started. By today's standards, she would be considered a hoarder. I know now it was a learned and taught way of life to get rid of nothing, as someday someone may need it...someday, you might not have access to getting such items. So, you save, and save, and SAVE.

You reuse everything. You recycle or repurpose. You waste nothing. Ten years ago, I would have laughed at such...I will be the first to admit - I hate clutter. I hate piles - unless it is books...Books are my downfall. They are everywhere in this house and my car and... There can almost never be enough material to read - in my opinion. I jaywalked there for a sec.

Nowadays, we have chickens. I use the eggs to make mayonnaise and cook. The shells are eaten by the chickens and recycled for their food. All food scraps go to the compost or to the chickens. Nothing is ever wasted anymore. Almost nothing is bought that cannot be recycled, reused, or the like. There are more recycled items each week than there is trash. Composting is coming along.

I wonder if someday my grandchildren will consider me to be a hoarder. In other thoughts - I am glad to see parts of her in me. The other day it felt unusual to me that she introduced me with some pride in her voice to her friend as her granddaughter who cans. I am nameless perhaps - but I can!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Turn the Other Cheek - Hebrew style

I have spent most of my younger child's life trying to get him to learn how to take the high road, to understand that people that tease and bully need to be prayed for and walked away from...I teach him there is a limit to how far you walk and then you no longer turn away. With his Aspergers, it has been hard at times to explain these things to him.

Now, in the last day or so, I find myself having to explain to him that he may very soon face the day where he is put to the test as a Christian. I have had to explain to my young son that within his lifetime, he may be beaten or tortured or turned out by the lost for his belief in Christ.

No matter what, it is no longer time to turn the other cheek. In the time of the Old Testament, the Jewish men and women did not turn the other cheek and offer the other in passive supplication. What a farce! You do not back away when you are threatened. You stand tall, enlightened in the Word, with the Holy Spirit within you to guide you.

Jesus was not teaching us to acquiesce. He taught us to not be oppressed. Social customs of earlier Jewish times notes historically that one would have to be backhanded by the right hand of the slapper to be slapped or struck on the right cheek. This is so, as it was considered insulting to the slapper to touch another by a left hand. Being backhanded by a slap or strike also notes a derogatory blow, rather than a strike against a social equal. Therefore, to be struck against the right cheek as Jesus describes would have been an insult to the individual being struck. The individual would have been thought by the person slapping to be beneath him socially and spiritually.

By offering the person slapping you the other cheek, you are not allowing yourself further attack. You are stating several things: I am not beneath you; I am not less than you; You are not better than me. Offering your left cheek notes you will not be humiliated and consider yourself equal to the striker.

For this, I will continue to teach my children to not insight vengeance, but to stand tall and do not falter.

The time is coming. It is near at hand. It is now. In the time constant, the time that is coming,  is near, and is past is now. The time is here. We are being tested. I will not deny my Lord.

If my Lord is at the right hand of my Father and my Lord is within me, then my Lord (literally) is no more than 3 feet from my right side. I only have to stretch out my right arm to see how close to me my Father is by my side...Forever within me and by my side.

I am saddened, but not digressing, that the time has come to teach and prepare my child to be prepared for the day when someone may battle him for his knowledge of the One True Lord. We are in a religious war and the day will soon come where you will be forced to state what you stand for...don't wait until the rooster has sounded to make your stand.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekday Encounters

Most importantly, next to the Lord, I got a pink pig!!

The pink pig is be-a-u-ti-mous. She has orange wings (not for Clemson) and green ears and a red butt!...Oh, and purple feet.  So cute!  I love her!
She is in the yard keeping the potty fish, the chicken, and the goat company!
So, so cute!
We went out of town to a family home for a few days. My spouse and children are forever teasing me about some of the absent-minded things I have done over recent leaving the milk jug in the pantry cupboard...or telling my child to unload the dishes from the washing machine.  I know what I mean in my mind, but it comes out incorrectly spoken. So, when I arrive to the house, I open the fridge to put in our food items and this is what I see:
And, suddenly...I think it is an inherited behavior and therefore, is not my fault.
We went to go window shopping and buy some items in a nearby town. We became concerned with one of the buildings we saw. The brick seemed to be bowed and buckling...
My older son tapped it. It turns out the buckling brick was nothing more than a faux covering. The building beneath this faux brick was a historic building. Why would someone ruin the facade of such with this junk?
While we were in this nearby town, I found the most amazing tomatos growing on the roadside. Of course, this means I need slips to take home to root. Afterall, the hail storm two months ago killed everything I had planted - EVERYTHING. We are I am going to try to keep one or two tomato plants growing inside this winter to have them fresh. So, this was perfect to gather slips from to take home to root and propogate. My children did not agree with me. Apparently, taking slips from a plant on the side of the road is slightly embarassing to my children.
 I thought it was a perfectly normal thing to do. :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fear in the Flesh...

I am thinking lately that I fear things in the flesh more than I fear things in the Spirit. A person recently told me to be afraid of the things in the spiritual realm. My response to this was I fear nothing in the spirit, because of the Spirit, for He within me leaves me nothing to fear. I have thought about this a bit in the past few weeks. I realize I have reached a place in my walk with Him, where I am no longer afraid. I know His power. I know His strength. I know His fight and determination. I know what I can do through Him when my faith is this strong. So, my prayer in determination is to fear things in the flesh as I fear things in the stand affirmed in the Spirit when I face the flesh.