Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stumbling Into Grace...a review

Everyday I am messing something up...yet, God's grace is ever present in my life. Lisa Harper describes a life of a woman who feels she is 'spiritually clumsy' at times. I can so agree with that comment, as it resembles and represents me many days of any given week. Stumbling into Grace is a book written by Lisa Harper in which she writes her poignantly truthful life tales about living the Christian life as a woman who still is human. This book is advertised as a part diary and part devotional. It is a good starting point for a woman to use as a devotional supplement or journal supplement.
When Thomas Nelson sent me this book to review, I was skeptical and hopeful at the same time. How can any one person recognize at any time what it is like to be in the shoes I wear daily and to continually have to lift oneself up again to be a Christian and walk the Christian walk. Lisa Harper is able to demonstrate that she is a person of likeness in Stumbling into Grace. What I recognize within the text of the covers of this book is that Lisa Harper is a woman who is living as a Christian and still makes mistakes from time to time. She demonstrates that it is still okay and does so in a manner that is at times humorous, but is always relevant.

This book was given to me free in exchange of my honest review.

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