Thursday, July 7, 2011

Impromptu HS Science Lesson @ dinner - yuck!!

So, we finished up the cell study unit (for the most part) earlier this morning.

As I am prepping dinner, the child goes outside to collect the spinach leaves to make the salad. I always stress washing the leaves well and then pat drying them before they are consumed. I always check behind his washing methods, just in case because I am slightly OCD about such issues...remember, he is a boy! :)
Tonight, as I am washing the leaves, one leaf is full of little wormies on the back! Bleck! Yeck! Yuck! I called him over to see them firsthand. We discussed quickly how insects can lay their eggs on the back of any type of plant leaf...not concerned it if it your leaf for food or not!  We had to look at the leaf up really close for him to see them, as the creepy yuck creatures were miniscule! He informs me they could be glowworms! (Glowworms was his on the A Beka spelling list for the week.)

Lessons of the day learned...1) always wash you food; 2) never argue with your mother (when she tells you to wash your food before your eat it!!  I guess I am happy he made the connection from the spelling list to the wormy bug thing on the leaf. 

FYI...It was a bit more difficult than usual tonight to eat my salad than it typically is.

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