Friday, August 16, 2013

We Know We Are Homeschoolers...

We Know We Are Homeschoolers...

1.  I have to consider if I should get out of my pajamas and put on normal clothes, because a friend is coming over.
2.  My son wants to know if he has to change into normal clothes.
3.  My son puts on a pair of jeans and we discuss he is growing out of them...we may have to buy him new ones. I would be more concerned with such if he were going to public school facilities, but in our environment, he can dress as he pleases.

School Supplies:
1.  We buy the normal textbooks for subjects and content (though none are secular).
2.  Our school supply list included items like the following:
  • ax
  • sledgehammer
  • hacksaw
  • permanent markers
  • duct tape
  • rebar
  • poles
  • stakes
  • fencing
  • wire
  • pallets
3.  We also bought paper and pencils.

In general:
1.  People not within the same circles of you and your family do not understand the things you discuss.
2.  Family members may not understand what you are doing.
3.  You spend most of your waking hours or all of them with the people you love most and the same people whom others send off to others to care for the majority of the day.

I cannot number these. They happen daily. They are immeasurable. You catch moments of quality. You find love in the small details. You see the grace of the Lord in your children, in your pets, in your spouse, in your friends, in the world, in plants, in every moment. You wake up and know you are blessed. You lay down to sleep and know you are blessed. The blessings are like the hairs on your head.

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