Monday, August 5, 2013

floods of grace and blessings

Today, as I was pulling from my street onto the main road to drive out to run errands, I stopped at the sign and looked both ways. The road was clear and I proceeded to pull into the intersection. Then I saw it (though you may not have) and I felt it (though you may not have). I was stopped, before I could ever get to a good roll. A hand reached down and held us from proceeding forward. We were held back. A green sedan came flying by. It almost seemed close enough to touch. The car had not been there previously and then there it was. The hand receded and the my SUV was allowed to move forward.

I am ever thankful for the Hand that reaches down to provide His unyielding protection upon me and mine. I am ever thankful for the unending veil that is extended for cover. I am ever thankful for the extensions, blessings, and grace that are rained down upon us 'til the flood waters must burst forth, perpetually endless through the depths of His existence.

And with rain and floods of grace and blessings, the enemy is there to combat you.

Tonight my emotions are raw and I wonder why I try. I wonder why I keep being tempted to be in a contest with one whom I have no competition? I wonder why taunting is used? I wonder why others try to battle it out on public forums to humiliate? I wonder why a chasm is pushed into my riverflow???

I am so done and over this. I am going to concentrate on the events of the morning and the blessings thereof.

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