Thursday, August 15, 2013

Toe Woe!

The child has had issues for months with one toe...this along with a broken and crushed wrist bone have not made for a successful or fun summer.



He dropped a huge can of spaghetti sauce on his big toe in early March and fractured the toe. The nail fell off a bit later and has regrown back in oddly. In June, he went to camp and the toenail became ingrown and infected. He went to the doctor and had to go back two more times and eventually went to the surgeon about this blooming toe. After a round of antibiotics and a surgical consult, he was deemed to be healing and they doctored a bit on the nail and nailbed and sent us on our way.

He went to scout camp for about two weeks and returned with the toe cracked (another scout stepped on his toe - twice) and the toe got infected a second time. We went back to the doctor a second time and my son was placed on another round of antibiotics and half of the toenail cut off. The rest was left intact due to it still be live and viable nail. It looked nasty and was gross.

Now, finally...when summer is ending and it is time to start school again...his toe is healing and he can get back to normal activities in life.

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