Saturday, August 24, 2013

Strawbales and Raised Beds

The strawbales are coming along. I have to say I think this might actually least more so than I thought it would. The raised beds are making the transitions from summer gardens to fall/winter gardens...

red cabbage in bale

raised bed of ginger

 broccoli in bale

tomatoes dying slowly off...maybe...

 mushrooms growing beside raised bed

 more cabbage in raised bed

 arugula in raised bed
broccoli in raised bed

 volunteer garlic in raised bed

 not sure what is going on here...bean sprouts among the cabbage...leftover seeds from previous time perhaps? volunteer transplants?

more arugula and a bean sprout from a bale
 Alaska pea sprouts by pallet wall of garden area

more sprouts in bales
 radish and carrot sprouts in bale

buttercrunch in raised bed 

 Big Jim pepper changing color

 bug exoskeleton on wishing well

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