Monday, August 19, 2013

rebuild, repurpose, reuse...

Awhile back a tree fell across the chicken coop. No chickens were harmed. We thought at first the damage was minimal and it would not take long to rebuild it. As we regrouped in the next day or so, I learned that the nest box was totally taken out, the roof almost completely destroyed, and the yard had to be totally revamped.

 We placed the chickens into a borrowed dog pen. It was moved to varying spots across the yard to keep all the grass from dying out and to give them fresh area to forage.

 The tree was cut up and repairs began.

 The fencing and gate were a total loss.
 More roofing fell off during another storm.

  Looking down from the ladder at fencing repairs.

 Getting ready to repair roofing.

 Puppy and kitty company!
 This is where the nesting box used to be. It jutted out and we could lift the top hatch and reach in to gather the eggs. No more.

 Drilling back in the roof to the support beams.

 Repurposing a used basket as a nesting spot.

 These were the nesting boxes my son made earlier this past Spring and we installed right before the tree fell.

 Repurposing a used trashcan as a nest.
 New shavings in a repurposed item.

 These were side supports my son had cut earlier from wood pieces left over from a previous project. They were screwed to the wall to add a perch for the chickens. There was not one of these in the coop formerly, so this is new for them. We made some repairs and repurposes for some upgrades.

 New perch or roosting bar!!

 Nesting boxes and basket.

Wood left from original coop and fencing...getting ready to reuse it and repurpose it for a new chicken yard gate.
 Kitty patrol.

 Shavings added to the repurposed basket nest.

 Day one of repairs...the gate was started and was ramshackle at best...I thought the fencing was done sufficiently for the night. Alas, it was not.

 We moved the chickens over from the dog pen to the new chicken yard area.

 Charlie messed with the new Buff Orpingtons we had. He named them all. I cannot tell them all apart yet. It is obvious to me that they are all different, but I have not paid enough attention to them yet.
 This is Golden in the coop, checking out the new improvements made to her abode.

 Chicken entrance. Some tetras on the far left. One Ameracauna on the left and two Buffs in front of the entrance.

 This was the lift hatch of the old nesting box. It was sealed shut altogether.

 Waterer was hung outside to keep it from getting shavings in the water.

 Another Buff bitty was captured and held. He named the new Buffs: Crockpot, Stirfry, Bob, Drumstick. Poor chickens.
 Day two in the repaired coop...nestboxes are used!!  Looking like this might be okay!

 Day two in the repaired coop...nestboxes are used!!  Looking like this might be okay!

 Cassie was trying to dig a tunnel to somewhere while we continued to work on the coop and chicken yard.

 I cut the dickens out of my finger while working on the gate. My husband wanted me to go get a tetanus shot and see the doctor. I kept on working. After a few hours, it had stopped bleeding.

 Dirty, but not bleeding, fingers.

 I got a little dirty!

 I repurposed many of the older items from the coop on the gate door. Notice Cassie's contribution to the picture. She dropped her toy right into the corner of the gate when I snapped the picture. Is it ironic or fitting that the toy is a chicken?

 More chicken yard gate repairs using repurposed supplies!

More chicken yard gate repairs using repurposed supplies!

 The gate on day two, finished, but not secured yet to the fencing. The fencing has doubled in height since the day previous. Right now, the fencing is zip tied together and waiting for the fence to be added to it. But, then it started to rain and has rained for over the last 36 hours straight. It is supposed to rain for the next 3 days...

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