Friday, August 30, 2013

Gardening Bales

I actually think that the crops growing in the bales are producing better and having a better grow rate than the raised beds.
The raised beds are doing okay, but the plants in the bales are already bigger and heartier looking. This is lettuce in one of the raised beds.
 a new tomato sprout coming up...fall tomatoes?

 Alaska peas - ground direct sowed - sprouting well - will be guided onto the pallet wall as a trellis.
 Apparently, the bales are well fertilized...grass is sprouting up the sides of the bales. It is sprouting some along the tops of them as well. I spend a little time daily pulling these sprouts. I have to let them get a little tall to distinguish between these and vegetable sprouts.
 peppers are still producing a bit.

 directly ground sown cow peas are sprouting.

 raised bed.

 raised bed.

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