Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am realizing we are getting our 8th/9th grade year wrapped up somewhat. We have 5 Latin I lessons left. There are about 6 weeks of grammar lessons left and about 2 units in the IEW-B series. I want to say there seems like there are about 30 more Algebra I lessons or so to work through. My son has chosen his last book of the year to read and complete a presentation project about the novel. We finished up Geography a bit ago. In Physical Science, there are about 4.5 lessons left...we are wrapping up and moving along. I have decided we are going to take a true Spring Break next week. Guitar lessons are about the only thing academic that will continue next week.

We started some luffa plants indoors to transplant them when it became Spring. Interestingly enough, it became spring time and the temperatures dropped drastically here. So, now the luffas are growing well and it is freaking cold as all heck outside.  Sheesh.


The lemon and orange trees we have tended since seeds that we sprouted about 2 years ago are doing well. I had no idea these things would take so long to nurture and grow. I wonder if the lemon and orange trees and shrubs in groves take as long. ???  Who knows?!?!?  I guess the grove farmers know. I would not.
  This is the largest lemon tree sapling. When sat on the ground and measured next to me, it comes up to the middle of my thigh. It is pretty tall. The lemon I am referring to is the one on the right with the frog hanging from the side of the pot. There is another lemon directly to the left of it.
  These are a lemon and an orange growing for the last two years. All of the lemons and orange trees are the same age. The lemon is on the right. The orange is on the left.
These two pictures above are of the same orange tree. It has two or three branches that have sprouted off. I am anxious to see how it will continue to grow. :)
And the new chickies have gotten too big for their feathers. They have learned how to hop/flutter/fly out of the rubber bin they are being housed in at the moment. I have placed a rug over them for the moment to keep them contained. They are too little to go outside and it is too cold. They are getting a little too big for the bin...what do you do??
Aren't they just so cute??

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