Sunday, February 24, 2013

dirty fingernails, this sounds like a complaint...but it is not...

i have tremendously dirty fingernails today. i remember when i used to pay to have manicures and carefully sculpted nails. they were pretty nails. and my hands looked great...
now, for the most part the nails are short and seem to stay dirty...not always. i do clean them. but, then i dig in the dirt again. this is a new phase of life. i love plants. i love to grow things. i love to take the seed and germinate it and watch it grow and gather a useful product for it.
about two weeks ago i went and got a pedi i had saved for a few weeks. it was my treat to me. i may not still get manis, but i still love the occasional treat of a pedi. other ladies there commented on why i would not get a mani. i responded there was no point, as my nails would be more than likely completely dirty by the end of the day. i wanted to get home to play in the raised bed my son had recently built for me.
currently, we have 4 raised beds now. two have items planted in them. two are being prepped for early spring veggies to be planted within.
one lady snubbed her nose at me for all practical purposes and commented how gross it would be to dig in the dirt. she asked if i had gloves. i responded in the positive, but then replied they often come off. she replied how she grows flowers and she never touches the dirt and that was what gloves and shovels had been created for. i went home aggravated by this woman and her comments. i was also saddened that working with the earth brought her so little joy. she has no clue what she is missing out on! poor woman!
today, i have planted some luffas, started from seed. planted some palmetto trees germinated by hand and tended to for two months. yellow pear tomatoes started were transplanted. peppers, spinach, cabbage, and corn was started, planted, or transferred. an aloe was repotted. wandering jew and other ivies were potted that had recently been rooted. some elephant ears were put out. mint that has grown awry was purposed into another direction. i moved the tipsy topsy planters on the rods to a better location. strawberry plants were started. the vines were prepped. beds for the spring were turned. my calves hurt and i am tired.
satisfied, but tired...and my nails are dirty...  :)

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