Friday, March 22, 2013

things that make me happy!!

   Raised bed #1...contains romaine, buttercrunch, kale, garlic, cucumbers, squash, pimentos, red and yellow bells, cabbage, ornamental peppers, and a few wasted space. my younger son built all the raised beds in the yard...the bed is bigger than it looks...
    tomato bed...has several heirloom varieties of striped and yellow and some regular ole' big juicy varieties  :)
  Cassie helps to keep me company outside while working in the garden and with the plants today
   Please throw my ball!! 
  YaYa was enjoying the sunshine. She does not like to come off the porch if she does not have to do so. She insists she is a house dog, not a yard dog.
  YaYa from the porch again.
   My shiitake log growing its 'shrooms!!  I will have to harvest two of these in the next few days for eating!!  Yummy!
  Another shot of the shiitake log.
   The lavender is tarting to grow and you can smell it as soon as you exit the house on some mornings...Love ths smell.
  This is one of the containers for veggies. These are the leeks. I regrew these from bottoms we used of the vegetable and that would have been discarded for chicken scrap or the compost. We replanted them for more to grow.
More leeks growing from discarded bottoms.
   Cauliflower regrowing from discarded bottom.
   Snow peas...I have to get these near a trellis of some sort soon - they are starting to spindle the vines.
  Herb pot of lemon balm, Thai basil, and parsley. :)
 And someone gave us three new chicks today. They are leghorns. Who can refuse three new chickies!!!???? The child has decided one of these girls will have to be named Foghorn...
 Getting cozy and warm!!

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