Wednesday, December 5, 2012

lemons - a year in review

i just realized today that it has been a year ago that i germinated the lemon seeds and planted them. last october in 2011, my parents went to visit my step-brother and his wife in JAX. his wife has a huge lemon tree out in her back yard. my mother calls it a lemon bush. i call it a lemon tree. my mother brought back lemons the size of grapefruits. they were fragrant and sweet, with just the right amount of tart to them. delicious.
i germinated the seeds starting in late october. i had to peel them to help them along in november. in december, i had several sprouts to plant.
i originally planted/potted like 5 lemon sprouts...only 3 made it up til now.
this is one of the lemon saplings from what was germinated in january of 2012.
by july, the lemon trees were coming along.
i had a fourth lemon sapling through august or so...but it did not make it. this was that sapling back in july. i was saddened when the plant did not make it. i feel like these are my babies...i have nurtured them for so long...
so, now it has been a year since i started this project. i have three lemon saplings growing along. the leaves smell magnificent when you rub them. they are so fragrant.
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both of these are about a foot tall or a little more so by now.
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this one is growing a bit slower, but it is still pretty.

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