Saturday, June 16, 2012

potting, planting, cleaning, and stars

I think I have been in overdrive today. My phone went capoot on Wednesday while we were out of town. What really happened to my phone was I killed it. I dropped it in the toilet. Go ahead and laugh..I did. It was a crappy phone anyway.

It was able to be dried out enough to receive and send texts and send emails. It would dial and ring calls in, but all one could hear through either end of the given receivers was static. Thus I got a new phone on Friday. I have spent some of each of the past two days learning how to use the new phone.

Today, I was able to repot/replant the remainder of the lemon saplings, orange saplings, and pineapple plants. I will post pictures of the pineapples later. I still need to replant/repot the aloe plants, a lily, and some airplane plants.

These are the repotted orange and lemon trees. I started these from seed back in November 2011 and potted them in the first pots in January 2012. I started with more than these of each plant type but these were all that made it till now.





There was another orange sapling, but for some reason, I do not have a picture of it.

I have been playing with the camera on the new are pictures of the puppies.

And, my older son is home to visit for a day or so...unexpectedly, but appreciatively nonetheless.

I planted 8 corn plants today and 2 cucumber plants...These have been growing from starter on my porch, but got transferred to the ground today. The tomatoes were watered. Sadly, I forgot to water the lettuce and cabbage and will have to do so in the morning. The cabbages looked quite sad today. I did battle with the Japanese beetles over my grape vine leaves, the sweet potato vines, the cannas, the strawberries, and the mint leaves. I refuse to lose this battle.

The bedroom was cleaned and rearranged completely. The nook was cleaned and the dining room. The kitchen, den, nook, halls, and dining room have been swept 4 times today at last count and mopped once. The bedroom was swept, but I never got around to mopping it. All the linens have been washed. My hubby helped by washing all the laundry! Yeah! 

I finished covering all the boat cushions, with the exceptions of the larger two fold down seats. Now the back seats and full front have new cushion covers and look much better.

Needless to say, it has been a long day.  :0)

The little one and I were able to finally put up the paper star light we bought in the mountains about two weeks ago. It is pretty.

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