Thursday, December 6, 2012

oranges - a year in review

Realizing that your lemon saplings are year old, makes you realize your orange saplings are a year old as well.
I realized today that it has been a year ago that I germinated the lemon seeds and planted them. This made me want to try to do the same with orange seeds as well. I started germinating the orange seeds about a week after I started the lemon seeds. I followed the same schedule with the orange seeds as with the lemon seeds. The seeds were set to germinate in late October 2011.  I had to peel them to help them along in November. In December, I had several sprouts to plant.

In January 2012, I planted the sprouts.

By April 2012, I had little sapling sprouts.
The orange sprout saplings had much new leaf growth by July 2012.

  Today, it has been about a year since I began this process. Of all the orange sprouts that I started with only 2 survived up til now. One has had issues and I am still concerned about it, but all in all, they seem to be coming along. The growth of these two trees is much different than that of the lemon trees. I am not sure why I expected these two plants to grow almost identically, but alas, they do not.


This one is taller than the other, at about almost a foot, but not quite...maybe about 10 inches in height. You can tell which one this was from the July picture, because the frog is still in the pot. It has grown a lot. It is very leafy.
 This is the orange sprout I love and worry about it. It is so little and so cute. It has so many leaves and is so short. Although, it is green and pretty and I love it! Maybe it needs a frog or a ladybug or a butterfly in it, too?!?!?!

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