Thursday, October 6, 2011

"You went all 'Mother-Earth' on them."

Interesting day today...

Worked at SCAIHS for awhile today...had the child in being able to take him to work with me. :)

I worked and he sat on the other side of the desk and did his homeschool least some of them today!  He accomplished completion of three lessons of spelling and vocabulary studies, 2 grammar lessons, and made a map outline of the original thirteen colonies. We plan to use this to make a graphic relief map from a flour paste mixture this weekend.

We went to the nutritionist after this, as the pediatrician is concerned about the child's weight. In discussing what we currently eat, as contrasted to what we used to eat, it was interesting to note some of the looks or comments from the nutritionist. :)  She liked that we grow some of the vegetables we eat or get the fresh from the market each week or trade friends for their vegetables. She liked that we have the chickens for fresh eggs every day.

She asked when we made all these changes in the lifestyles we live.  Apparently, though I have not really thought of it before now...we decided to homeschool, started composting, started the small garden, got chickens, and started the weekly workout routines all within thee months of each other.  She questioned how the family dealt with the changes. I told her the child was all aboard with all the he helped to build the compost, helped build the greenhouse/chicken house, helped build and plant the garden, and chose part of his homeschool curriculum. She asked about my husband, whom I had to admit had to get used to some of the ideas.  Her response was: "You went all Mother-Earth on them." 


I found this to be as much amusing, as complimentary!! 

I remember when I lived in Florida...and an individual I met there was described as being 'all Mother-Earth'...and I though all kinds of weird things about that person. Now, I consider her to be a good friend...funny how that happens...

Watch out...I might go all Mother Earth on ya!!

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