Friday, October 14, 2011

Why we homeschool...

Since I have encountered many things about this decision this seemed like a great thing to blog about...
Christ centered:
1. God entrusted me to care for this child and guide his growth...I am therefore entrusted as well to educate and develop his mind.
2.  I want my child away from secular-minded education as much as possible.
  • My family did not evolve from primates. I was formed by my Lord from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life of the Spirit into my lungs by the Lord.
  • My world did not spring forth magically by a huge explosion. My world and universe were carefully planned and created by a loving Father in 6 days and on the seventh day He rested.
  • I know from whence I came. I know where my soul and spirit shall go when I depart. Any thoughts or educational theory that departs from the teaching is not to be imparted any longer upon my child.
3.  Education should enhance the Word, not detract from it.

Less Anxiety and worry:
1. No meds for my child in almost 6 months, which in itself speaks volumes to me.
2. We educate around his learning style and his learning schedule. When he has had enough, we take a break. When he can keep going, we do more. There is no set learning regime. There is just our learning regime.
3. No  IEP battles.
4. No 4 hours of homework every night now.
5. When we finish for the day, we are done.
6. We get to breathe and relax and pray.
7. Less stress and less anxiety for everyone.

Look at where we are:
In less than 4.5 months:
1.  We have completed 5 novel studies/units.
2.  He has completed half of the preAlgebra book.
3.  He has completed the introduction to Latin series online and half of the Video Latin series.
4.  He has completed half of the A Beka spelling/vocabulary book and the grammar books.
5.  He has completed more than half of the science series and between 1/3-1/2 of the social studies text.

And for the common comment to those who state I am not qualified to teach my own child:
1. I am a certified teacher.
2. I have three degrees, one being a terminal degree, in education.
3.  My son is diagnosed with my degree areas of specialization and my doctorate studies pertained to his diagnoses.
4.  God entrusted me to know how to care for him.
5. No one wants more for my son that me.

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