Wednesday, October 19, 2011

getting caught up and backing up to refresh...

I have been behind on grading or posting grades to a spreadsheet. I am not sure where the organized person I typically am disappeared to in this homeschooling mommy. I have graded his assignments, but have not posted them or cataloged them. So tonight, as I come to realize we are nearing the end of our first semester...decided to get caught up.

Tonight, he officially has spreadsheets for all subject areas for both first and second quarter. I did manage to set up the third quarter spreadsheet for one subject, but no others. All grades are entered for the first semester. Assignments are logged waiting for grades for the few assignments left to complete.

As I am completing this, the child realizes how far along we have progressed already and wants to know the accuracy of such a count. I report to him with the completion of 4 more preAlgebra sections and half of the latest Social Studies unit...his semester is complete. He looked amazed and reported about how the public school here locally is just wrapping up 1st quarter soon. He also reported how is seems like it takes much less time to do the few hours we apply on a regular basis as opposed to all the time spent in regular school hours. We discussed down time and socialization time and class changes and lunch and recess and such from a typical school setting.

His curriculum is completely picked out for next year. All of it is secured already, with the exception of the Physical Science kit and curriculum. We will purchase this in March at the homeschool conference. He has picked out most of everything we will use next year.

Progress is being made in the Anne Frank novel. Her family has just entered the secret annex in our reading. He wants to see a Rin Tin Tin movie to see what she discussed in the text. He laughed at some of the reading passages tonight. He makes comments about how she has some problems like kids his page now. He is able to draw some parallels between her being his age, despite the fact she is a dreaded girl.

We discussed 'pogroms' yesterday. He does not like this concept. I tend to agree. I understand when he comments he does not understand the lack of humanity people sometimes display. He was saddened the children had to leave behind their pets. We discussed how it would be sad to leave the animals, but what must at times be sacrificed to live. I think I would have grave difficulty as well leaving our dog, more than anything else. She is like my child! He sees the sadness in the novel. He sees the humanness of the people that are the characters of this tale. I am moved by the discussions we have had in the last three days.

Now that his items are caught up, my sleep needs to get caught up. I seem to have a sore throat tonight and the headache that developed yesterday has yet to go away. Mom needs to back up some to get refreshed or get caught up on some much needed rest. I am tired and achy and do not feel well. This too shall pass, as the Lord has plans for us to learn and prsoper tomorrow!!!

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