Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Carving - really?

Okay - let me start this post by stating...we do not do halloween in my my household.  I get that this will follow with a barrage of emails, as it does usually when I post anything of the above, about how and why, etc. This is a personal decision made many years ago for my family when I became saved. As a Christian, it is important to me that my children do not celebrate a pagan ritual or celebration. Many people will say that most of the Christian holidays are done at the same time on the Gregorian calendar as the original scheduled yearly pagan festivals and such. My content to this is that it is not as important when we celebrate the important points in the life of Christ, as so much that we recognize the importance of their contribution in society, world order, and our lives and respect the significance of such on whatever day it is revered.

That being stated...we do not do halloween in my house. And no, I did not accidentally not capitalize the 'h' in halloween. It is a purposeful action done with intent and thought, much like not capitalizing the name of satan or lucifer and not capitalizing the 'h' in hell. I recognize who and what these items are, but they are not given precedence in my life. Things that are placed in the predominant roles of importance are Christ, Jehovah Lord, the Holy Spirit, Heaven...recognize the difference?

Now that you understand the background of why I do the things I do as I do them, you will not feel the need to email and comment. And if you feel the need, I will not answer you, because I do not have to!!  :) don't do halloween, which means we don't carve a pumpkin.  We used to carve a pumpkim many years back with a cross on it and place Bible tracks on the porch with a goody treat attached to them for trick or treaters...I have not done this in a long time.

Last year in 6th grade, my youngest child's teacher did this amazing math unit in the early fall with pumpkins. The students estimated pumpkin weight, weighed pumpkins, charted weights, compared and contrasted estimates, measured height and volume of pumpkins, estimated number of seeds inside, counted all the seeds inside pumpkins when gutting them...You get the idea. It was a very math based activity. It was also very sensory based with the carrying the pumpkins here and there, gutting them, cleaning out all the pumpkin guts, cleaning all the seeds of pumpkin gut slime, and then the finale was a seed spitting contest for distance by the children. My son loved it. Imagine a 6th grader with sensory integration dysfunction involved in these tasks. He could have done that all day!!

SsSsSoOoOoooo, this year he wants to gut a pumpkin again. He is okay if it is carved or not...doesn't care...he just wants to gut it...he wants to play in the pumpkin goo, he wants to roast the seeds...

Then, he states he might like to carve it...for fun...not for display as an art object on the porch...but as an activity of goo and slime...just something to play in...yuck!! :/  So, my 7th grader now has a pumpkin to gut...


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