Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Triple Yolker...

Today one of the girls laid what we are sure is a triple yolker...we are used to double yolk eggs by now, as one of the girls seems to do this routinely. Looking at this egg, I am glad the Lord did not design women to lay eggs!! 

 These are today's eggs. The brown egg layer is typical size for her. The two creamy colored egg layers are smaller egg sizes.
 This is the stash from the refrigerator. The far left egg is a double yolker. There are three double yolkers in the back row on the right.
 Just for purposes of contrasting the egg sizes...the first is a double yolker. The second egg is from today.  The other three on the left are regular size eggs for our chickies!!  The one from today is a ginormous egg.
This is today's egg first - a triple, then a double, then a single.  See how Huge??

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