Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birdhouse Building

The child built a birdhouse the other day.  He did this while I was on a conference call and when I came to life from the phone, I found he had completed the entire project. I was quite proud of him for this. He did a great job!


  1. wonderful job! will it go outside for a future renter?? Happy Halloween!~Faythe @ GMT~

  2. he did do a great job on this - actually we have two now...we decided to do these a few days before this as a boyscout project per one of his things he has to do as a home improvement project for the family for the family life badge. on our front porch the birds nest each spring and summer above the two pillars, leaving me to clean the pillars all summer and such. i never rid of the nests as these are the homes they so intricately build and there are always babies in we are putting houses up for them to nest in hopefully to cut back on some of the birdy clutter cleanup!!