Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mathematical Quandaries!!

Tonight in the world of mathematics seems as though we will remain on the lovely fraction chapter for a little while more. The child mastered how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators the other long as they were solid fractions and not mixed numbers and involved no regrouping for subtraction.
Oh my, did that throw a monkey wrench in the entire equation (haha!!)...

Who knew...???  So, today and tonight we spent time subtracting mixed number fractions with regrouping and multiplying mixed number fractions. Mind you, he can do anything on that blooming magical calculator.  But, I want him to understand the concept behind the buttons he is pressing. I want him to know the mental computation behind what he is writing on the paper. 

Let's also add to the mix that he seems to have never heard of cross reducing when multiplying     ...can you imagine what will happen when we get to eliminating multiple exponents in fractions and exponents present with multiple variables...Geeze, Louise....I am gonna need some prayers. 

   So, once question is left to the imagination of why such was never noted through 6 years of public school grades and how the child can score advanced-gifted levels in NPR standardized tests, but he cannot calculate basic fraction equations.

He was able to explain to me tonight that he understands the concepts being taught when I explain them to him. This is good. :)  He understands the concepts when he sees them in the textbook. This is good. :)  He can explain the concept to me verbally by talking through a problem we have completed together. This is good. :)

He explains that when he tries to solve the problems independently, he has difficulty getting the concept back out onto the paper for proper assessment. This is where the learning disability comes into play  ...

I think we may be pulling out some manipulatives in the next few days and visiting Khan Academy on the internet for some learning videos...

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