Sunday, October 23, 2011

family dynamic - forever changed...

In March of last school year, we made the decision to homeschool the youngest child this year. I heard tales from others of how this would affect every dynamic of your life and forever change you, but I never knew what far reaching impact it would have. Everything is for the better, even on days when it seems for naught.

It has been a whirlwind of two days for us. Yesterday began with a trip to a fellow homeschooler's home, where the children went on a desperate hunt for a missing bantam chicken, Peck!!   I do not think it was found before we left the home. The child and I had to make a spiritual journey to return things that belonged elsewhere to where they belonged...cleansing is good for the soul.

We went to visit several sights. We tried to call my grandmother. We returned an unneeded item. We went to the library. We went to get medicine at the pharmacy. We went to the grocery store and completed the shopping for the week for $68. Yeah!  We went to an artisan market and got many craft ideas!  We went to the local AC Moore. We went and got chicken feed from Tractor Supply.

A side note about Tractor Supply...they have safes in the building for sale. My son has managed to figure out the combination of each safe through listening to lock tumbling and much patience why we are there at varying times. He remembers the fall of the tumbler from previous times and continues to work the lock when we return...yesterday, he opened and relocked and reopened 4 safes. The husband used to refer to this child as the 'code cracker' he can figure out passcodes for the computer or keypad by remember the series of keyboard tap sounds or beeps from the lit buttons on the alarm keypad, etc. I am not sure how such a talent will be put to good humanitarian use when he becomes an adult??? Anyone have an answer for such?

Last night I had a conference call for the nonprofit. It was short call last night...which was nice. The conference call today lasted approximately from 1000-1600. It was longer, but the company was enjoyable. Thus, it did not seem so bad or dreadful!  I think all will be settled on Monday and perhaps it will be the last conference call for several days or such! 

Tonight in Anne Frank world, we read of the celebration of Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights. We also read about St. Nicholas Day. I reminded him of our friends Eva and Lea, from Romania, who had explained to him and his brother about St. Nicholas Day in the past a few years back. Eva once brought him and Andrew some candy for St. Nicholas Day. He immediately raised concern about the people who celebrate SND and asked if they had to not wear shoes all day? The following question was about if they can take the small trinkets out of the shoes before they have to wear them again. When the reply was in the positive that the items are removed, he proceeds to discuss how if one were to not clean out the shoe and the trinket or candy were gum, the person would have his or her sock foot stuck to the inside of the shoe. Oh my!  The child makes my insides rattle with laughter!   :)

He has also discovered since yesterday afternoon that my epipen practice injector makes what he terms to be great 'rocker launcher.' Thus, he has been rocket launching all throughout the house. It is difficult to read with a child when he is rocket launching!! 

We read a brief excerpt tonight from the Talmud for the explanation of the Festival of Lights. Reading from the Talmud becomes difficult when you suddenly discover you cannot find your copy of the book when it is needed. It seems to have evaporated from physical sight, which is of skeptical concern for me at present. The evening reading selection for the family brought on a discussion of Advent candles we use. I do not remember the child asking as many questions last year. Perhaps he did!  I do know that we have many more discussions now.

    A following conversation of brief was the Sukkot Festival I attended last weekend with my neighbor. We discussed the month of Tishri, as we are currently in at present. 

More questions occur now. We have more time together reading nightly as a family. It is a comforting sight to note the only pile on the tables as I scan the room is Bibles upon each one. We are not Bible poor in this household. It makes me feel sorrowful for those with no Bible to read. At present, 3 are on the coffee table, 1 on the end table, 2 on the TV shelf, 1 in the study, 1 on the dining room table, and 2 Gideons on the nook table. This is what I know from a brief scan. We are Biblically blessed ! :)

In light of our new family motto...proclaimed a few days ago: 'We are a day early and a dollar ahead!'...I have been told to modify this proclamation to the following: 'We are a year early and a million dollars ahead!'  So, here it is...spoke loudly over us and now in writing as well, and the prayer of such shared by two (2 or more gathered in agreement!!) others beyond myself: 'We are a year early and a million dollars ahead!'

In the world of Latin, the child has started to translate brief writings and is using simple sentences interchangeably with his use of English now. I honestly do not think he is aware of the times he makes it interchangeable. As he is more knowledgeable now than I am of his growing vocabulary, there are times I am no longer cognizant of what he is stating when he does so, and just have to nod. This reminds much of the days when he was a toddler and I could perceive his wording.

A SCAIHS colleague replied the other day that she was certain that whatever brain damage he suffered due to the thimerosal as a toddler had been Godly healed. I accept this spoken over him and decree it as accurate. He was and is healed daily.

On a parting note, the child has taken an interest in painting over the last few days and is working on a painting of a yellow lab sleeping curled up on a blanket. Cassie is his muse. I was thankful he had this project to focus upon today during the length of the conference call. The painting is actually quite good. Of course, my opinion is in no way biased.

He also build a birdhouse today, along with feeding the chickens and composting while I was on the phone. I wish he would take an interest in going to dig up those sweet potatoes in the bed out back!

Finally, the hubby and discussed tonight how prayers continue for the eldest child. I do not mention him as much as the younger in the posts, as he lives independently as an adult now. Although, he is still much a child in my eyes and mind. Prayers for his continued safety and happiness in employment remain ever present. I was going to call him tonight once we returned home from errands, but it was getting late, thus I will call him tomorrow. I wished he lived in closer proximity. He is forever close in my heart.

Prayers for her, the one I do not know yet, continue. Lord, you know her name, so we call upon you for her protection, guidance for her path, sanctity for her soul, and so forth. Actually, this prayer should be for both of these women, as you develop them for their place. Selah, my heart!!

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