Monday, October 31, 2011

where are and how far we have come...

I often sit back at the end of any day and think I have not accomplished much that day.

Today was a homeschooling and work combo day...meaning my homeschool child went to work with me and we did both!!

Both before work and after this morning, we went to urgent care about my foot/ankle which has been determined to be sprained, but not in such a manner as to need, I get to walk in pain! 

We went over some of the homeschool assignments and off to work we went. I felt we had not accomplished much in the development of homeschooling today...but when I write it down, I often find it was quite much more than I was aware...  So, here is our day:
5 units of science completed, with activities and assessments and fun sheets.
6 pages of Anne Frank read and discussed.

It does not seem like much in writing to me, either. Albeit, the science text and all activities for the year are now complete. This left me churning in my mind whether to go ahead and order the Physical Science text we will start next or just finishing out our other subjects first and focusing upon these. I have decided this is best.

He is getting ahead of me in Latin again. I cannot print the worksheets as fast as he is watching the videos and practicing the lessons. We received Visual Latin to review for this blog. I have not done so yet, because I honestly wanted to work through enough of the lessons with him to be able to give an honest review. I must post this review this week, as he has now completed 5 lessons and I feel I can give an accurate overview and honest review of what I have observed and noted instructionally from this curriculum. So, that will be forthcoming.

I have decided on observation tonight that we are a technology based family. As I write this blog post, and grade papers for one of the online classes I teach, the child sits next to me toggled to my laptop with his iPod Touch downloading audiobooks and looking for additional omd files. We are linked together by wires on the couch!!

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