Thursday, May 9, 2013

oranges outdoing the lemons...

all of these were germinated at the same time. all sprouted and were potted on the same day. it amazes me that the lemon trees were outgrowing the orange trees at an exponential rate in the past 1.5 years...and suddenly, in the last two months or so, the orange trees have shot up.
this is an orange tree on the right and a lemon tree on the left. the lemon was about the same size as this orange about two or three months ago.

and, then this orange tree has a branch shooting out. the leaves are such a vibrant green!

these are the other two lemon trees. isn't it neat how they both have a bit of a kink/curve in the trunks?? the first orange tree picture up top is taller than the lemon tree on the left above. i had to repot the lemon tree on the right recently, it was so large in its original pot. i worried so about the tree not being able to support itself due to the leaning, then it curved in the opposite direction and moved right on along. the stems look thin, but they are strong. the leaves are so fragrant.

these have come such a long way from when i started them: here, here, here, and here...

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