Sunday, May 5, 2013

garden loves!!

is it possible to love your plants and sprouts too much??  :)

 i love the little grapes to be!

more future grapes!

more little concords!!

and one more baby cluster!

green, green, green...i love it!

squashes and zucchinis!!
then there is the toddler transplant in the front right. i did not plant this here. my toddler neighbor child did! :) :/   i decided to let it grow. i was told it was potato. i was hoping not. i decided to go ahead and pull it the other day...then i saw the baby is a russett...they were so cute, i gingerly placed them back in the soil and recovered them...  :)
pretty plants!

 the elephant ears are confused by the weather!
the mint loves the weather!

my little garden worms!!

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