Friday, May 31, 2013

Pulling Pins

My son broke his wrist/arm playing rugby with some other kids on our last instructional day at the resource center this year.
It was a yucky break, making it not possible to routinely set and crushing bone at one spot completely. He had surgery to set a pin.
 This is a picture of my son's hand. It shows how swollen he had become in just a matter of hours. Although, that was not why I took this picture. I took it because the surgeon wrote yes on his hand to note which side to operate on...Remember, my son is dyslexic and this was being read by him upside down on his hand. It was funny, because my son had thought the surgeon had wrote the word SEX on his hand and did not read it as yes.
 Awaiting surgery...
 Post-op x-ray.
A week later, we went back to the surgeon to have the temporary cast removed and have a permanent harder cast applied. Then pin was checked and a new x-ray was taken. His wrist, arm, and hand are still very swollen at the taking of this picture.
He wore this cast for about two weeks and then we returned to the surgeon again for another check-up. They cut off the cast and cleaned the wound. The pin was pulled...apparently, that hurts tremendously. He was given a new cast, which is much less cumbersome. It reaches below the elbow and is not as far up on the knuckles.


And then the pin was pulled was apparently stuck and the tech had to pull twice and brace against my son...I have never seen my child turn so many different shades of colors.
  He gets to keep the pin as a souvenir.
So, now he is in a new cast and we return to the surgeon again in two more weeks.

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