Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Embrace the Weeds!!!

yeah!!!  i know it is an odd title, but i seriously think i am fascinated by weeds lately... 
people either have a love or hate relationship with weeds...when i cared about my lawn and having a well manicured front yard (to not disappoint the neighbors, because "what would the neighbors think?"), i hated weeds. they were evasive and in the way. i wanted them dead and gone. the last four years have changed me...i am not sure what about all the changes...
i do remember when my older child was born and i was learning how to cook and trying to figure everything out, almost everything we ate came in a box. i loved those wretched hamburger helper type meals. now i would not touch those suckers with a ten-foot pole. give me fresh veggies and fruit any ole' day. :)  about 5-6 years ago, i started to really care about cooking. i started to like it and the more i did, the fresher our eating materials became. boxed and prepackaged became freezer food moreso. at this point in time, the only vegetables in the freezer are ones i prepared and froze. all produce is fresh, or from my freezer. fresh produce is grown and gathered from our gardens or someone we know. or it is bought from with the produce co-op i work with and gathered fresh from the farmers' market. i will not say that i boxed item is not occassionally eaten, but it is typically not done so but every other month or so. the next step is to move to making my own cultures for my family and gong to a more raw diet than i already have.
but back to the weeds...once you start to eat raw, you start to recognize the weeds for the herbs they are. i have embraced these plants for their uses - medicinal and for eating. they are awesome. in a quest to make a more edible yard, these weeds are loved now. i no longer they grow there and pick them now. free food!!!  :)
but, have you ever stopped to notice how a weed grows. no matter how we try to stop it, we cannot. we may kill one, but two more spring nearby. remember the cliche of growing like a weed
so, last year i saw a weed growing in the road, where it should not grow. it made me think of Christ. He went where he was not wanted. He grew despite the odds. He raised us up.
that weed made me think about my walk. it made me think about where i need to be and where i ant to be and where Christ is trying to take me. i wanted to have the tenacity of a week. i want to be that adverse.
strangely, when i look back over the year, i think i may be getting there.
earlier this week, i was headed over to a friend's house for a visit (to keep her kids!) and i saw a weed growing at the road drain. it should not be able to survive there with all the car pollution blowing out upon it. it should not survive there growing in the concrete cracks. the seeds should not have been able to take root in the concrete and blossom to height. BUT, it did...

so, i admire these little weeds. can you begin to imagine the things you could accomplish in life if you grew like a weed? what is Christianity were to grow like a weed? what if we sprang up like weeds? what if we were adverse like weeds? what if we were tenacious like weeds?  i think there might be a reason all of these plants are everywhere...maybe Christ is trying to tell us something...look around you and embrace the weeds. :)

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