Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sake of One-vs-Greater Good of Many

Do you ever have something that really weighs upon you??  I am sick of hearing about sacrificing for the greater good.

My husband and I like to watch the television show Person of Interest  together. I was watching one of the episodes today while working on some stuff for my universities. It was playing in the background. The main character discussed sacrificing one for the greater good of many. Now this bothers me...

It mainly bothers me, because this was said to me by a pediatric nurse in relation to my younger child many years ago. I do not remember what the nurse looked like. I do not remember what else I did that day, but I do remember her words. I still hear them. They whisper at me sometimes when we are at the doctor.

This happened when my child was 4. He was in 4K at the school at taught at. He had climbed a bobbed-wire fence at the back of the playground to retrieve a ball that had went beyond the boundary lines of the schoolyard. He got cut on the fence and developed a staph infection in his leg. At the time he was currently on medical waivers for most vaccinations of multidose. He was medically allowed straight dose vaccinations only due to a life threatening reaction to the thimerosal preservative in his MMR shot when he was 13 months. We had to have titers drawn annually to check antibody levels.

There were a couple of children in his class who had active pertussis and there was a local outbreak. I took him to the doctor to have him seen for the staph infection. Titers were drawn and the antibodies for tetanus and pertussis in his system were depleted. He needed a tetanus shot for the staph, but no straight does vials were available due to the war. My only option was to decide if he was to receive a multidose vaccine injection of DTP or nothing. The staph infection was bad enough I had to decide reasonably quickly. The nurse brought in the "thimerosal free" multidose injection to convince me. I was leery. My son had recently been diagnosed ASD, amid other disability labels, due to his thimerosal reaction and subsequent brain damage at 13 mos from the MMR shot. I read the packaging insert. The issue here was that thimerosal free was just a term. The vaccine still contained a trace element of the substance. It was still in there and was packaged to be promoted as thimerosal free. It was not thimerosal free. This was a lie. Small print matters.

After deliberation of how bad the staph infection was and no pertussis antibodies present with an active infection in his own class, he received the vaccine...huge mistake. He seemed to do well at first. He received the vaccine and the doctor said he could even go back to kindergarten for the rest of the day. We went back to school/work. He collapsed soon after. I had to rush him back to the ER. The nurse explained how he was having a reaction to the shot. The doctor soon noted it was a second reaction to the thimerosal. The thim-free shot made him have a reaction to the thim present in the shot. I reacted quite strongly. The nurse explained how some children have to suffer a reaction for the greater good the vaccine does globally. Excuse me.

And suddenly, this morning, I think about Lot and his escape from Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lord saved one. Lot was saved. The Lord was willing to not destroy if just a small number could be found. In the end, it could not and the family escaped (except the wife ultimately). God did not sacrifice Lot. He saved him. Jesus died for me to be saved. He died for my child. He died for one. He died for all, but He died for one. The Lord does not sacrifice one for many. He saves the one. He focuses on the one.

I also remember a talk radio show from the other day by Herman Cain. I like this man. I would vote for him to be President. I like his views and his thoughts and his politics. He made a comment about the new stance taken by the Justice Department regarding the legalities of speaking out about islam. As a Christian, I have a huge issue with this. Although, as an American, I respect the rights of others to have rights. Herman Cain was speaking about how this statement by the Justice Department bothered him, but he felt that someone had to protect the rights of others, everyone. Cain's point was that if an American muslim speaks out on an issue, he/she has a right as an American to do so. If an American Christian speaks out on as issue, he/she has a right as an American to do so. We may not agree with each other politically, spiritually, or other issues, but we are afforded the same rights under the Constitution and those rights must be protected, no matter your race, creed, ethnicity, sexual origin, or religion or spiritual beliefs. I agree with this. Cain noted how if the rights of one are violated, it is the gateway to violate the rights of others. If the rights of one are taken or violated, it sets the precedent to do so for the rights of others.

You cannot let some rights be taken for the greater good and expect to keep individual rights. The two ideas cannot coexist. The idea of sacrifice of one for the greater good of many is a farce.

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