Monday, June 24, 2013

Days Go By...

It seems there is always so much to do...

Chickens:  A few months ago, a cousin/friend gave us 3 leghorn chicks. The dog killed one and we were left with two. I recently put them in with the bigger chickens. It seems like though we only have 9 chickens, we have 3 small flocks: the tetra tint flock (3), the brown chicken flock (3 americaunas and 1 buff orpington) and then the leghorns (2). My younger son says the buff is multiracial, because she is accepted by the americaunas and the tetras. Funny how we observe our social status situations upon the chickens we have. Odd. :)

Since the chicken family grew, Charlie made two new laying boxes from scrap wood of old pallets.
The leghorn chicks are getting bigger and I hope will be laying soon...but, they will have several weeks before this happens.
These chicks are quite confused about the night time routine of their new home. They do not understand that they are supposed to be in the coop at night. The other night it was raining outside and I found them perched on the chicken yard door. You can see the dry spot beneath one of them, where it had been raining for awhile.

I finally installed their new nest boxes this weekend. When I installed them, the broody butt chicken, Gray, liked them...but only for a few minutes. I guess when she found there were no eggs to tend, she was disenchanted.
The leghorns have to be physically placed in the new boxes nightly. They will not roost or nest with the other chickens. Lately, they have taking to roosting on the roof of the coop. I am so happy with this new arrangement.

In the past week, goldfish were added to the rainbarrels to keep the mosquito population down some.

The new tomato cuttings are growing well. 

I gained a new yard ornament from a recent neighbor. I like it.

The elephant ears are filling out nicely. I love how they billow in the breeze and I can watch them from the windows of the study as I complete my work assignments.

With all of the recent rains, we have been under attack by black ants. They seems to be multiplying. I finally called our exterminator. He brought me veggies from his garden. :)

A neighbor down the road gave me a new flower for the yard. It bloomed the first night on my porch before I could even get it in the ground.

Then it bloomed on the first night it was planted as well.
Another homeschool mom/friend asked if I would grow her some garlic. So, I planted some more. They are now sprouting.

A deer ate all my bean sprouts. So I started some more. It may be late in the season, but I am going to try. These were planted today.

My child says I am in a canning phase. Three jars of corn were canned yesterday and two jars of green beans. I made spaghetti sauce to be canned later tonight. I prepped zucchini and squash for canning.

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